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Défiscaliser avec l'achat d'oeuvres d'art

Défiscaliser avec l'achat d'oeuvres d'art

Your fiscal benefits as a company

You are a CEO and you want to acquire some works of art in order to embellish your office by receiving interesting tax deduction? Artsper has concocted for you a small “guide of the businessman-collector" that will allow you to discover the tax deduction that you have the right to demand if your company acquires works of art on Artsper's website.

Conditions to the implementation of the taxdeduction

This deduction was created in favor of companies which purchase original works of art of living artists.
Companies beneficiate from it as soon as the goods acquired are exhibited in an area accessible from the public or the employees, except their office, during the period of acquisition and for the next four years. All works of art exhibited on Artsper's website offer the right to fiscal benefit since they are original works from living artists.

The tax deduction

The work of art must be among the company's immobilisations. The deduction amount is registered in a special reserve account. The price of the work acquisition can be deducted in an extra-countable way of the taxable result of the acquisition exercise and the next four exercises, by equal numbers. The deduction made for each exercise cannot exceed the limit of 5‰ of the turnover.

Example: A firm that ends its fiscal year on December 31st acquires in June 2010 two paintings for a total amount of 72,000euros. This company will have the right to deduct from its taxable result of the exercises of 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 the amount of 14,000euros in the limit of 5‰ of its turnover. A sum equivalent to the deduction operated needs to be registered in a special reserve account to the liabilities of the company's balance sheet.

Evidently, as usual, the legislator has foreseen everything in case the company would not have the artistic fiber anymore...Thus, in case of handover of the work of art, or also of withdrawal from the reserve account, the sum pertaining to the deduction made is reintegrated to the taxable result of the concerned exercise.

Défiscaliser avec l'achat d'oeuvres d'art

How to benefit from it in purchasing on Artsper?

You just have to select in your purchase basket all the works of art you are interested in and then you have to validate the order in choosing the delivery and payment methods.
We will then check the availability of the works of art ordered to the selling galleries and you will be kept posted by email as soon as possible. Once the availability of the works of art is validated, we will charge you and the works will be delivered at the address indicated in the order (for more clarification, click on the “The Delivery" link in the website footer). You will not be charged of the amount of the works of art if it is unavailable.
Each work of art delivered will be accompanied by the bill which will show the price of the work bought, without transport costs, and the authenticity certificate signed by the artist or the art gallery, which is sufficient to demand the tax reduction that is due.

Now that everything is in your hands to beneficiate from this fiscal deduction, connect to Artsper, search for the online works of art that you like, order them and make them delivered directly to your office !


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