Ewa Dziengielewicz

Né en 1972 - Belgium


Biographie en cours de finition

I’ve honed my craft as a professional photographer over these past 17 years. Before the fall of the Berlin Wall, Poland was my home. I lived there 20 years before migrating to Belgium.
Once in Belgium, I couldn’t decide if I should continue my study of humanities started in Poland or apply for the Academy of Fine Arts. In the end, my heart lead me to follow my great passion for photography at the Academy.
Diploma in hand, I threw myself into the professional world. At first, I worked primarily with press photos producing studio photos and still some private shootings of pregnant women and infants.
In order to discover new clientele and expand my knowledgebase, I managed to uncover different contracts in a wider network such as of all things architecture and politics.
At the same time, and in a totally different artistic style, I do photo sessions for the world of performing arts, whether it be the theater or promoting various varieties of arts tied to this sector.
My career affords me the opportunity to develop my artistic gifts thanks to my close and ever expanding diverse list of loyal clients.
For many years, my objective had been to capture the perfect photo, the type engraved on post cards, ever searching for the secret technique to produce it again and again. But today, I hope to beyond that of this perfectionistic whim and I wish only to fully define my own artistic style, set apart from all the others.
My latest works clearly expose my passion for travel.
My focus narrows; I eternally search different vistas, different cultures, all to find a unique and telling image, sometimes trendy but always with a single focus and bold flare which beholds a wide audience.
Nature’s unpredictable light and it’s nature fascinates me; the shadows, the reflections, the refractions, the glare, the transparency of life.
My goals permit me to plunge myself into these different worlds and test my resolve towards these foreign yet captivating vistas. “We believe we understand all when in an instant, all becomes new and leads us to a new artistic destination that we wish to freeze forever in our never ending search for truth. The notion seems to arise, move, set sail on a vast ocean, all while boasting ever changing shades and hues of color.
These days, I have practiced my profession already for over 15 years, and thanks to the support and encouragement from my larger circle of friends, family and clients, I have decided to expose my personal work.
In 2011, during the “Agorapop” od Chaudfontaine, I presented my series “glasses, fluids, and light.” This series represents a collage of bottles, carafes, and glasses,
assembled as a game of reflections whose images are captured in studio. My goal; that the viewer be the supported of a complex game between reality and the reproduction of reality. In this surreal setting, the search for esthetique beauty is gleened through the perception of a familiar of familiar colors.
I realize that between contemplation and enactment, photography offers vision, discovery, and dreams.
My work doesn’t end there; my goal is to ensure that the taken image transports the observer to another world, far away, to a world of dreams and colors, a world where the child within discovers and experiences.
“ Dazzling and unending, innocence follows its dreams,” Is it a matter simple of a marvelous tale, an unreachable dream? Free will with determine how you interpret these works, realistic, surprising, or bewitching.
Equally ensuing is a new series of clichés based on danse, with a proper reflection of freedom, musical importance, and the flowing of all associated. Light is beheld there in high importance, sometimes a bit exaggerated, but which clearly demonstrates my fascination for the subject.
I immense myself in this artistic generation where already it has been seen does not make up my esy og thinking. Somehow, I manage to make the simple and ordinary .. Extraordinary!
Connoisseur of art, passionate for photography, or simply in love with beautiful things, my productions are done for you!
Look forward to surprising you!

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