Guangyu Dai

Born in 1955 - China


biography under completion

Dai Guangyu is a self-taught artist who grew up in a educated environment (with his father well versed in history and a student of calligraphy since the age of five). It is likely that Dai Guangyu would have followed a traditional career path had he not found himself a part of the New Wave Movement in 1985, which was a perfect fit for the development of his creative scope. He quickly became one of the leaders of the avantgarde scene in Sichuan. In the 90s, Dai Guangyu discovered performance, which employs the body as a key artistic medium, which he found most suitable for expressing himself artistically, being powerful in movement, incisive in meaning, radical and transient. It was during this time that he showed his penchant for ‘ink games’. In the north and in Beijing, during this period, performance raised the themes of suffering and the challenges of oneself in society, with the performance taking on what were often seen as masochistic forms.
In contrast, performance in the south west of China questioned topics such as social order and ethics, economic and cultural disruption and the environment, gathered largely around the energy of Dai Guangyu. Performance and conceptual art had found its mentor until 2003, the year
that Dai moved permanently to Beijing. Throughout these years Dai Guangyu developed a body of art and conceptual approach strong in cultural references, rich in poetry andsymbolism, and beautiful in form, all of which attracted continual criticism. He created a system of codes and symbols that intensified along with the progress of his installations and performances: black Chinese ink or
porcelain vases, symbols of the complexity of Chinese culture; flour to evoke the staple food of the commonalty; suited men with faces painted white or gold as metaphors of westernisation or the pursuit of wealth. Through the act of performance – a temporary action passing from one state to another – Dai Guangyu maintains that all solid forms belong to one moment only and that all circumstances are in the process of transformation. His installations and photographs maintain a vestige of this ‘state of procress’ which is the essence of performance and provides a poetic poignancy to the still forms.
Dai Guangyu is now recognized as an important and original figure of the Chinese artistic scene. His interdisciplinary practice is written within a socially engaged trajectory. Through his performances, photographs, paintings or calligraphy, he enacts his body and the symbolism of Chinese
society to the ends of their resistance or their disappearance. Dai Guangyu lives and works in Beijing (China).

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solo exhibitions

2014 – “Diluted Shadows”, ifa gallery, Brussels, Belgium
2012 - “Wei Ji – Still Crossing”, Art HK 12, ifa gallery booth, Hong Kong
2011 - “Dai Guangyu solo exhibition”, officinal, Rome, Italy
2010- “Dai Guangyu– Recent Works”, Galerie Adler, Paris, France
2010 - “Memory Loss, Flexible Type Printing”, (Performances), ifa Gallery at Art Paris, Grand Palais, Paris, France
2008 - “Ink Games”, ifa Gallery, Shanghai, China
2007- “Wang Yang Bu Lao?A Sheep’s Lecture on Chinese Contemporary Art”, South Gate Gallery, 798 Factory Beijing
2007 -“When the Waters recede, the Rocks appear”, Red Star Gallery, 798, Beijing, China
2002- “Food and Words”, Performance, Chengdu, China
2000- “Shooting at myself, Installation and Performance, Duisburg University, Germany
1997- “How a Frog in a Well Sees the Sky”, Open Exhibit, 152B Studio, Chengdu, China
1996- “Resurrection in Chengdu '96”, Installation, Sichuan University, China
1995 - “Scenery Inside and Outside a Red Room”, Installation, Chengdu, China
1994- “Chinese Landscape”, Installation, Chengdu, China
1993- “Dai Guangyu?Exhibition of Paintings”, Lallouz?Waterson Gallery, Montreal, Canada

selected group exhibitions

2015 – “Territory”, Art Paris Art Fair,ifa gallery booth Paris, France
2014 – “Ink and the Body”, Ink Studio, Beijing, China
2014 – “The Scroll of (Lounging, High up by the Northern Window)”, Ostrale’14, Dresden, Germany
2014 – “Beyond Photography Limits”, Photo Shanghai, ifa gallery booth, Shanghai, China
2014 – “Black & White”, Art Paris Art Fair, ifa gallery booth, Paris, France
2013 - "Forms of the Formless – Exhibition of Chinese Contemporary Art”, Hubei Museum of Art, Wuhan, China
2013 - "Voice of the Unseen”, collateral exhibition at 55th Venice Biennale, Italy
2013 - “Insightful Charisma”, Himalayas Museum, Shanghai, China
2013 - “Sensor Ship 0.46%”, Art Basel Hong Kong, ifa gallery booth, Hong Kong
2013 - “Investigation no.2: Mr & Mrs Zhang”, Art Paris Art Fair, Paris, France
2013 - “drawing and what”, ifa gallery, Shanghai, China
2012 - “my country”, ifa gallery, Shanghai, China
2012 - “cells”, SH contemporary, Shanghai, China
2012- “The way of writing", Himalayas Art Museum, Shanghai, China
2012 - “Undoing Shuimo”, Duolun MoMA, Shanghai, China
2012 - “red land, yellow stars”, Galerie Libre Cours & ifa gallery, Brussels, Belgium
2012 -“cells”, SH CONTEMPORARY 12, ifa gallery booth, Shanghai, China
2012 - “the left leg of a cat”, ART:GWANGJU:12, ifa gallery booth, Gwangju, Korea
2012 - “something in common”, ifa gallery, Shanghai, China
2012 - “trace, line, shadow”, ifa gallery, Shanghai, China
2012 - “enquête n°2”, Art Paris, ifa gallery booth, Paris, France
2012 - “The Fourth Guangzhou Triennial project exhibition”, Guangdong Museum of Art, Guangzhou, China
2011 - “right eye – left leg”, ifa gallery, Shanghai, China
2011- “the hell. the heaven. on the way. in between”, ifa gallery, Shanghai
2011 - “enquête n°1”, Art Paris, ifa gallery booth, Paris, France
2010 - “Azure Dragon, Vermillion Bird, Yellow Dragon, White Tiger, Black Tortoise”, ifa gallery, Shanghai, China
2009- “Ink Storm, transformer”, Washington DC, USA
2009 - “The Hand that Draws by Itself”, 18 Gallery, Shanghai, China
2009- “In the 1980s- Wen Pulin Archive of Chinese Avant-Garde Art Exhibition”, Dolun Museum of Modern Art, Shanghai, China
2009 - “Ink Society”, Sunshine Museum, Beijing, China
2009- “OPEN Realization”, Contemporary Art Center 798 Art Zone, Beijing, China
2009- “13 No KAOs”, Duffy Gallery, Kunming, China
2009- “Ink-Not-Ink, China”, Drexel University, Phoenix, USA, Shenzhen Art Museum, Shenzhen, China
2008- “Action-Camera: Beijing Performance Photography”, Morris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery, Vancouver, Canada
2008 - “Play Ink & Ink Play – The Art of Chinese Opera Painting”, Liu Haishu Museum, Shanghai, China
2008 - “Pause”, Red Star Gallery, Beijing, China
2008- “Oriental Imagination - Third Asian International Art Exhibition”, Wall Art Museum, Beijing and Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, Guangzhou, 798Factory, Beijing, China
2007- “China under Construction”, Deborag Colton Gallery, Houston, USA
2007- “Made in China”, Louisiana Museum, Humlebaek, Denmark
2007 - “The 3rd China – Japan Performance Art Exchange Project”, Rain Gallery, Beijing, China
2007 - “Echoes – Chengdu New Visual Art Documentary Exhibition”, A Thousand Plateaus Art Space, Chengdu, China
2007 - “Rejected Collection”, Ke Center of the Contemporary Arts, Shanghai, China
2007 - “Starting from the Southwest - Exhibition of Contemporary Art in South west China”, Guangdong Museum of Art, Guangzhou, China
2007 - “China’s Performance Art Photography”, Intel Art Center, Beijing, China
2007 - “CAPP China Art Performance Platform”, South Gate Space, Beijing, China
2006- “Vital - International Chinese Live Art Festival”, Chinese Arts Centre, Manchester, UK
2006 - “October”, Rain Gallery, Beijing, China
2006- “Red Star, Red Star, Red Star”, Red Star Gallery, 798 Factory, Beijing, China
2005- “Artists in Action - Performance Art Project”, Hong Kong
2005- “Inward Gazes - Performance Art in China - Exhibition by Invitation”, Macau Art Museum, Macau
2005 - “In Honour of '85”, Duolun Modern Art Museum, Shanghai, China
2005- “The Wall: Reshaping Contemporary Chinese Art”, China Millennium Monument Art Museum, Beijing, China
2005- “Transborder Language: Performance Art / Language Art”, Tokyo Art Projects, 798 Factory, Beijing, China
2004- “Double Happiness Festival”, Tokyo Art Projects, 798 Factory, Beijing, China
2004- “Matchmaking”, Eastlink Gallery, Shanghai, China
2004- “Transborder Language 2004 - Volume Control - First Dashanzi International Art Festival”, 798 Factory, Beijing, China
2004 - “2004 in Chengdu”, Chengdu Blueroof Art Gallery, Chengdu, China
2003- “NIPAF: Asia Central Europe, Performance Art Meeting 2003”, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland
2003 - “Media Center Project”, Longmarch Space, Beijing, China
2003- “Chinese Ink in Contemporary Art”, National Gallery, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
2003- “Live International Performance Art”, 798 Factory, Beijing, China
2003- “China - Japan Performance Art Exchange Project/2003”,Chengdu, Xian, Chongqing, China
2002- “Fruitfulness - Contemporary Art Exhibition”, Beijing Agriculture Hall, Beijing, China
2002- “First Chinese Art Triennial”, Guangzhou Art Museum, Guangzhou, China
2002- “7th Platform of Asian Performance Art (PAPA)” – Nippon International Performance Art Festival (NIPAF), Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Nagoya, Nagano, Japan
2002 - “Mask vs Face”, Red Gate Gallery, Beijing, China
2002 - “Mushroom, or Utopia”, The Bund Museum, Shanghai, China
2002 - “Daydream”, Nanjing Museum, Nanjing, China
2001- “Physical Resources and Objects”, Hong Kong Art Commune, Hong Kong
2001- “Dialogo”, Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition, Mantova Museum, Mantova, Italy
2001- “Dialogo–Other”, Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition, Chiesa Santa Teresa Dei Maschi, Bari, Italy
2001 - “Reshuffle – Contemporary Chinese Art Show”, Shenzhen Sculpture Institute, Shenzhen, China
2001- “Chinese Festival- Touring Art Exhibition”, Faust Museum, Hannover, Germany
2001- “Virtual Future”, Guangdong Art Gallery, Guangzhou, China
2001- “Chinese Glamour - Conceptual Images”, Bangkok, Thailand
2001- “Open Festival of International Performance Art”, Chengdu, Pengshan, Leshan, China
2001- “Holding White”, Chengdu Imperial Academy, Chengdu, China
2001 - “First Chengdu Biennale”, Chengdu Museum of Modern Art, Chengdu, China
2000 - “Heaven Stonehenge”, Hannover, Duisburg, Düsseldorf, Germany
2000- “Home? Contemporary Art Project Exhibition”, Yuexing Furniture Warehouse, Shanghai, China
2000- “Chinese Glamour - Conceptual Images”, East Link Gallery, Shanghai, China
2000- “Turn of the Century - 1979 - 1999 - Chinese Contemporary Art”, Museum of Modern Art, Chengdu, China
2000- “Cultural Landscape”, Landscape Art Exhibition, Langdao, Guilin, China
2000- “People and Animals”, Performance Art Exhibition, Chengdu, China
1999- “Chinese Artists in the World - Installation and Documentary”, Hong Kong Art Commune, Hong Kong
1999- “Unusual Ways of Writing”, Art Museum of the Nanjing Normal University, Nanjing, China
1998- “Preserving Memory”, Sichuan Library, Chengdu, China
1997- “In the Wild”, Simultaneous Performance Project, Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Guangzhou, China
1996- “China!”, Museum of Modern Art, Bonn, Germany
1996- “Water Protectors - Outdoor Art Performances”, Lhasa, China
1995- “Water Protectors - Outdoor Art Performances”, Chengdu, China
1993- “Inside - Outside: New Chinese Art”, Toronto, Ottawa, Canada, Hong Kong, China
1993- “Dream of China”, Exhibition of Paintings, City Hall, Hong Kong
1992- “First Biennale of Chinese Art in the 90's”, Central Hotel, Guangzhou, China
1991- “Dai Guangyu, Wang Falin, Li Jixiang Joint Exhibition of Paintings”, Chengdu Art Salon, Chengdu, China
1990- “000'90 Exhibition of Modern Art”, Chengdu Art Salon, Chengdu, China
1989- “China Avant-Garde Art Exhibition”, Chinese National Art Gallery, Beijing, China
1987- “Itinerary Exhibition of Modern Chinese Art”, Bonn, Bremen, Frankfurt, Germany
1986- “Red–Yellow–Blue: Young Artists of Sichuan”, Sichuan Art Gallery, China

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