Jef Aérosol

Born in 1957 - France


Jef Aérosol, in one name, has given us the universe. We can already hear the sound of the ball which resonates against the walls with spray paint and can smell the solvent, freed through the spray.

Born in Nantes in 1957, Jef Aérosol, his real name Jean-François Perroy, is a French graffiti artist. He belongs to the first wave of street artists, who developed their stencil in the 80's. "Blek Le Rat", "Miss Tic" or Epsylon Point, all these names are considered as true icons and the founding fathers of urban art today.

In the whole of France, on can see figures emerge and it is their black silhouette which gives them life. Jef Aérosol began in Tours, Orléans and Lille before attacking London, Rome, Lisbon and Brussels...His passion for street is due to the punk movement, which made a lot of noise in 1980, a cultural mosh which brought along artists from various horizons.

Before beginning his career, Jef Aérosol was an English teacher, but his desire for music and art in general, slowly made him change paths. He draws inspiration from rock iconography, as he was also a member of this group and drew inspiration from icons like Clash or Bob Dylan, as well as vinyl covers.

When the artist embarked on ephemeral art, music is not his only creative motor but also names like Ernest Pignon Ernest and Georges Rousse, legendary names for murals.

Initially, the subjects for his stencil work was his own self, Jef Aérosol. Following this, he used the rock generation personalities like Elvis Presley or Jimmy Hendrix, and froze their portraits between two lanes, whether they were a star or not, each one became a VIP (Very Important Pochoir) for him. This is how he began taking musicians or passers by on the street as models...

His work stands out due to the red arrow in all his drawings, but which doesn't have a precise explanation. He is mostly famous for « Sitting Kid » a stencil, symbolizing a young child who is alone and withdrawn. This became famous around the world and is now part of the Wall of China.

But distance isn't his only victory. On a wall in Paris, in front of the Stravinsky fountain of Niki de Saint Phalle and Jean Tinguely, a face looks at us, with eyes that clearly hint that it's time to be quiet. "Chuuut " is his biggest work, it measures 350 m2 (22 x 14 m).

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Exposition "In/out", XIN Art, La Rochelle (France)
Exposition "Passionnément", Galerie Caplain-Matignon, Paris (France)

Exposition "Décalages", Galerie Caplain Matignon, Paris (France)

"30 ans de pochoir", Collégiale St Pierre le Puellier, Orléans (France)
"Rock 'n'wall", Galerie XinArt, La Rochelle (France)
"Jef prend le maquis", Galerie du Levant, Porto Vecchio (France)
"Paint it Green", Galerie du Colisée, Lens (France)
"Jef s'explose", Musée en Herbe, Paris (France)
"Veni Vidi Vichy !", Galerie 8, Vichy (France)
"Hot Spot", Galerie Australe, St Denis (La Réunion)

"Jef Aérosol fait un carton", Musée des Avelines, Saint-Cloud (France)
"Accrochage", Xin Art Galerie, La Rochelle (France)
"Walking Shadows", Le 106, Rouen (France)

"Dans les yeux", Galerie Bailly contemporain, Paris (France)
"Tribulations chinoises", Galerie Lipao-Huang, Paris, (France)
"Girls Girls Girls", Signal Gallery, London (England)
"All Shook up", Ad Hoc Art Gallery, Brooklyn New-York (USA)

Galerie Raison d'Art, Lille (France)
Galerie Zozimus, Dublin (Ireland)

Galerie Art Partner, Bruxelles (Belgique)
Galerie Storme, Lille (France)
Blind Angle Gallery / Islington Arts Factory, London (UK)
Galerie Artzoom, Longwy (France)

Exposition dans les galeries "Carré d'Artistes", Paris (France)

Galerie L'Escalier, Orléans (France)
Galeries "Carré d'Artistes", Aix-en-Provence, Lyon (France)

"Jef Aérosol coupe les cheveux en quatre et vend la mèche !" Espace Mary, Nancy (France)

"Flèche rouge sur bois blanc", Espace Pignon, Bois-Blancs, Lille (France)

"Jef et son airplane", Le Biplan, Lille (France)
Galerie Matisse, Seclin (France)

"Jef Aerosol en Vrac au Frac", Fonds Régional d'Art Contemporain, Lille (France)

"Jef Aerosol fait des dégâts chez Sonia K", Galerie SONIA K, Lille (France)

Galerie Au DIX DE DER, Lille (France)

"Jef Aérosol met la gum au balatum", Le Balatum, Lille (France)

"Regards hall de gare, clichés supermarché", espace Village Photo, Paris (France)

"Ricktus Rock", Bar La Strada, Lille (France)

"COPY-ART", Rank Xerox, Bourges (France)
"ELECTROGRAPHIES", café I'Estaminet, Lille (France)


Exposition “Art Urbain”, Lasécu Espace d’art contemporain, Lille (France)
Exposition « Love etc… », Galerie David Pluskwa, Marseille (France)
Exposition et Vente caritative « Art Urbain & Art Contemporain », Artcurial, Paris (France)
Exposition et Vente « Solutions en lumière », Artcurial, Paris (France)
Exposition « Opposition », Galerie MathGoth, Paris (France)

Exposition Opus Delits, Espace Pierre Cardin, Paris (France)
Vente Publique pour La Croix Rouge « 150 ans d’actions : tout un art ! », Maison des Ventes Pauveparis, Paris (France)
Exposition « Lyrics », Galerie Hélène Bailly, Paris (France)

"De porte en porte", salle Courmont, Lille (France)
"Graff the peace", Opera Gallery, Paris (France)
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Alphabeta, Brooklyn (USA)
T&P gallery, Philadelphia (USA)
Art Partner Galerie, Brussels (Belgium)
Legislative Assembly, Canberra (Australia)
Famous When Dead gallery, Melbourne (Australia)
Intoxicated Demons Gallery + ATM gallery, Berlin (Germany)
Art Whino, Washington (USA)
Signal Gallery, London (UK)
Galerie Brugier-Rigail, Paris (France)
Sap AG - Internationales Schulungzentrum, Walldorf (Germany)
Mix-Art au Grand Palais, Paris (France)
Galerie Ligne 13, Paris (France)
Brooklynite Gallery, New-York (USA)
No Man’s Land – Ambassade de France, Tokyo (Japan)
Art Beijing, Pékin (China)
“Lock Up” Eddie Lock, London (UK)
Apart gallery, London (UK)
Galerie Raison d'Art, Lille (France)
Galerie Art Partner, Paris (France)
Studio 55, Paris (France)
Opus Gallery, Newcastle (UK)
Galerie Espace 120, La Baule (France)
Carmichael Gallery, Los Angeles (USA)
Open Space Gallery Beacon, New-York (USA)
Halcyon Brooklyn, New-York (USA)
Steele Gallery, Denver (USA)
Legal Action Gallery, Tel Aviv (Israël)
Musée Hospice Contesse, Lille (France)
French Art Studio / Gallery 27, London (UK)
Han Cholo, Bomit, Los Angeles (USA)
12daysofXmas, Bristol (UK)
Fête de L'Huma, Paris (France)
Kounter Kulture, London (UK)
Urban Painting, Carugate (Italie)

Galeries "Carré d'Artistes"
Le bateau La Plate-forme (Carré d'Artistes), Lyon (France)

Grand Bleu, Lille (France)
Salon International de la lingerie, Paris (France)
"Avant travaux", Troyes (France)
Exposition avec Brian S Pace, Galerie Ligne 13, Paris (France)

DITES 33 : "33 plasticiens imaginent 333 pochettes de 33 tours". Manifestation orchestrée par Jef Aérosol.
La Sécu , Lille (France)

HUMOUR & ART, Lille (France)

VOISINS VOISINES (Les Fenêtres qui Parlent), Lille (France)

La Java à Raoul, Théâtre LE SPLENDID, Lille (France)
FESTIVOLE, cour du Musée de la Mine, Lewarde (France)

LES ARTS VOLENT (cerf-volants d'artistes), Béthune (France)

Anniversaire d'EMMAÜS, Archives du Monde du Travail, Roubaix (France)
CAISSE d'EPARGNE de Lens (France)
Galerie MATISSE, Seclin (France)

ROCK À L'ENCRE, E.C.L.I.D., Douvrin (France)

METRO EXPO, Lille (France)
Galerie JOAQUIM PARRA, Paris (France)
Galerie HANIN-NOCERA, Paris (France)
RIMBAUD L'AUTRE VISAGE, Musée Rimbaud, Charleville-Mézières (France)
RIMBAUD L'AUTRE VISAGE, Théâtre de La Louvière (Belgique)
RIMBAUD L'AUTRE VISAGE, Théâtre d'Esch-sur-Alzette (Luxembourg)


Exposition itinérante POCHOIRS DE FRANC :
- Musée Wilhelm Hack, Ludwigshafen (Allemagne)
- Landesmuseum et Institut Français, Mayence (Allemagne)
- Atrium der Neuen Galerie, Sammlung Ludwig, Aachen (Allemagne)
- Galerie Octogone, Institut Français, Aix-La-Chapelle (Allemagne)
- Stadtbücherei, Saarbrücken (Allemagne)
- Galerie Der Buchhandlung Berens, Trève (Allemagne)
- Galerie Unterm Turms, Stuttgart (Allemagne)
Lycée Cordeliers, Lille (France)
MODE ART, Bourse du Commerce, Paris (France)
DANSE ART, Opéra de Paris (France)

PARIS GRAFFITI, Maison Française - Columbia University, New-York (USA)
MICRO STRESS (small works), NOW GALLERY, New-York (USA)
FRIC FRAC, Lille (France)
FREE ART, Free Time Beaubourg, Paris (France)
BLEU, Anhier (France)
C.R.I.J (Centre Régional Information Jeunesse), Lille (France)
MIG (Musée International du Graffiti), L'Autre Rive, Paris (France)
PHOTOMATON / PHOTOBOOTH ART, Pyramid Art Center of Rochester, New-York (USA)
L'ART DANS LE BAIN, Bains-Douches, Paris (France)

ATELIER FRESQUES URBAINES, espace Village-Photo, Paris (France)

85 MINO & CO / FLUO EXPO, M.C.L. de Poitiers, Poitiers (France)

LE G.R.A.C. S'EXPOSE, Orléans (France)
APACT, Tours (France)


1986 : Prix De La Jeune Peinture, Ostende (Belgique)

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Jef Aérosol


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