Sibylle Baltzer

Né en 1973 - France


Sibylle Baltzer was born in 1973 in Paris. She lives and works in Marrakech. IShe studied at the Kent Institute of Art and Design in Canterbury in 1991-92, at the School of Fine Arts in Paris in 1996, at the Chelsea School of Art in London in 1997-98, at the Slade School of Fine Art, London where she obtained a Master in 2002. She won the Adrian Carruthers Studio Award ACME studios, Deptford, London in 2003.

There is, in the works of Sibylle Baltzer, a "discordant fragility of forms", wrote Cuban novelist Zoe Valdes. Forms dominate her paintings, playing with unexpected collages and assemblages that quickly prove to be effective and correct. Painted forms, but also forms that exist already, in the ordinary things, collected by a gaze on a curve or a right angle, little nothings worn and without any other value than this formal quality and that Sibylle Baltzer tries to introduce in a dialog with other forms painted, of real geometric compositions where colors mingle together or exist in conflict.

The discordant fragility would come from here, from this balance which is created between the abstractions of chance and drawings of pure geometry, as well as in the bold report between colors.

What strucks in Sibylle Baltzer's work is her ability to integrate the influences of the masters (such as Claude Viallat who was her professor at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris), to draw from this common heritage in the history of abstract art to implement her own language. This happens beyond geometry, the geometry of 1950s artists, when art was built, minimal or serial, beyond the simplistic abstraction of painters such as Mondrian, or even attempts of production of recognizable signs as was the case at the end of '60s for the BMTP group for example.

She is close to the "Neo-Geo" artists such as John Armleder that have explored this area beyond abstraction, for whom the painting was an object and a pattern-image. Her work is placed in this continuity, in this "overcomong" of painting, in a form of irony even in respect of the academicism of abstraction when found objects are involved in abstract paintings, geometric or monochrome, in a salutary distance from the work of art.

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Galerie Delacroix, Institut français de Tanger (Morocco)

"Ensemble", Galerie Delaporte, Casablanca (Morocco)
"Project 2.0 gallery", The Hague (The Netherlands)

Galerie Athanor, Marseille (France)
"Bubble gum", galerie Rê, Marrakech (Morocco)

"Dust", galerie Rê, Marrakech (Morocco)

Delfina Studios, London (UK)

Centre d’art moderne, Madrid (Spain)

Galerie Parvi, Paris (France)


"Découvertes hivernales", Arielle d’Hauterives galerie, Brussels (Belgium)

Expo ateliers, CDG, Rabat (Morocco)
"Rê Collective", galerie Rê, Marrakech (Morocco)

"Noir & Blanc", galerie Loft, Casablanca (Morocco)

"Les 15", galerie Rê, Marrakech (Morocco)
Nîmes Art Fair, galerie Rê (France)

"Nord Sud", Galerie Rê, Marrakech (Morocco)

"Multum in Parvo", Hackney Forge, London (UK)
The Fillimores, London (UK)

Artskoll Paris-London Book Project, Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-arts, Paris (France) / Saint Martins, London (UK)

"Nth Art", exhibit 001, Ols and Co gallery, London (UK)
Le Domaine perdu, Périgord (France)

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