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Born in 1979, Dok is is an emblematic figure of the French graffiti scene. He began his career during in the '90s, during the golden years of the French graffiti scene, tagging walls in Paris, with other famous graffiti artists such as Kiss and Eyeone. He joined the crews UV and TPK, who were at the time one of the most radical and prolific collectives in Europe.

In 1996, he founded a new crew, the NWS group. He became one of the most famous artists of the graffiti scenes in Paris and Marseilles ; Dok appears in videos such as vthe Ultimates Videos 1 and 2 and Sous-Surveillance (Under Surveillance). His work has also been featured in urban art magazines and graffiti books such as After Eight.

Dok doesn't talk much about his past as a graffiti artist. It's not an obvious thing, but the world of street art thas very precise values and codes. As most of the artists of his generation, he is very secretive (one of the main rules of graffiti). What is certain though, is that he knows everything about this art form, since he has spent more than 15 years and is a part of its history, as he left his mark on walls, depots and trains all over Europe, leaving his "blaze" (or signature) alongside that of his "brothers" or his rivals...

Speaking of TPK_UV, Dok says: "there were no half measures. Either you were with them, or against them. We were fascinated by New York in the '70s and '80s, subway art etc. We reproduced all this in Saint-Lazare, we drew our flops everywhere, inside and outside, it was important that our name is everywhere on "our line"; I was not doing graffiti, it became my life. (...) I come from the street, and I don't try to invent a past for myself to be more street, because I was in the streets every day for more than 15 years. My legitimacy, my belonging to the street, I do not have to invent it nor to make up a story about it, as I actually did all this."

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Open 13, Paris (France)
L'appartement, Marseille (France)
Galerie Massalia, Marseille (France)

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