Speedy Graphito

Born in 1961 - France


A pioneer of the French "Street'Art" movement (contemporary urban art), Speedy Graphito is recognized internationally as one of the major artists of his generation.

Since the early 80s, after the Free Figuration, Speedy Graphito adds the "Graphito Style" to the collective memory and the walls of Paris through his powerful visuals.

Prolific and innovative, SG uses all forms of expression (painting, sculpture, installation, photo or video), to create through his work a universal language expressing the air of his time.

Organized by themes, his successiveexhibits present a universe that is always new and surprising. In a constant evolution and reinvent itself, his art is deep and full of joy, his colors are vivid, shaking in a playful and ironic way our systems of perception.

In this approach, he does not hesitate to take ownership of popular culture images, super heroes, or even brands, thus achieving a quasi-systematic decyphering of our collective subconscious. He declines through his questioning the standards and the norms of our western cultural identity, laying a more poetic dimension on the reality of our society.

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Exposition collective" Si on n’a pas vu le bonheur dans l’image, on en verra le noir", Galerie Polaris, Paris (France)
Exposition collective, Musée Arsenal – Abbaye de St Jean des Vignes, Soissons (France)
Exposition collective, La lune en parachute, Epinal (France)
Exposition "Langages", Festival Vibrations urbaines, Pessac (France)

“ Come as you are “ Fabien Castanier Gallery - L.A (USA)

“ LIKE “ New Square Gallery - Lille (France)
“ The Essential of Painting 1987 - 2012 “ Galerie Polaris - Paris (France)

“ Solo Show “ Opera Gallery Londres ( UK )
“ Back2Venus “ New Square Gallery Lille (France)
“ Freeway “ Fabien Castanier Gallery - L.A (USA)
“ Exit “ Galerie australe - La Réunion ( Dom Tom )
“ Exit 2 ” Galerie 8 - Vichy (France)

“ What Did You Expect ? “ Galerie Brugier Rigail - Paris (France)
“ Mondovision “ Artop - Lille (France)

“ Prime Time “ Art Partner Galerie - Bruxelles (Belgique)

“ Sans Issues “ Art Partner Galerie - Paris (France)
“ Voyage aux pays des merveilles “ CAC - Fontenoy (France)

“ Connexions “ Art Partner Galerie - Paris (France)
“ Lille aux Trésors “ Artop - Lille (France)
“ Urban Pop “ Ambrogi & Castanier Gallery - W- Hollywood (USA)

“ Tatouages Urbains “ Galerie Anne Vignial - Paris (France)
“ Retro Prospective “ Galerie Suty - Coye la Forêt (France)

“ Parcours de La Bièvre “ Lézart de la Bièvre - Paris (France)

“ L’aventure Intérieure ” Espace Beaurepaire - Paris (France)
“ Terminus ” La Chapelle du Carmel - Chalon s/ Saône (France)

“ Wake Up ” Galerie Polaris - Paris (France)

“ Voyages en terres inconnues ” L’atelier d’artiste chez vous - Paris (France)

“ Welcome to Vénus ” Galerie Polaris - Paris (France)

“ LAPINTURE ” Galerie Hugues de Payns - Tours (France)

“ L’être ou ne Palette ” Espace St Jacques - Saint Quentin (France)

“ C’est Moi qui Lapin, Sétois qui Voit ” Galerie Beau Lézard - Sète (France)
“ La Vie dont je suis le Héros ” Galerie Polaris - Paris (France)

“ Que Passa ” Galerie Punto - Valencia (Espagne)
“ Viva Lapinture ” Galerie Italia - Alicante (Espagne)

“ Le Monde Alaloupe “ Galerie Polaris - Paris (France) FIAC
“ One Man Show ” Galerie Polaris - Paris (France)

FIAC “ One Man Show ” Galerie Polaris - Paris (France)

“ Paris, Tours, Rennes ” Galeries Polaris, Michel Pommier, Collin (France)

“ Speedy Graphito, Produit de l'Art” Espace Action - Paris (France)
“SG Peint l’Art Moderne de 1990 à nos jours ” Galerie Polaris - Paris (France)

“ King Of The City ” Galerie Polaris - Paris (France)

“ Étude Des Saints ” Galerie Polaris - Paris (France)

“ Le Radeau des Médusés ” Espace Action - Paris (France)
“ LAPINTURE au Génie ” Galerie Wanet - Charleroi (Belgique)

“ L’atelier de L’artiste ” Galerie Polaris - Paris (France)
“ Génie Artistique ” Institut Français - Naples (Italie)

“ A La Recherche de Zarzan ” Galerie Paradis - Paris (France)
“ Meurtre dans un Château Anglais ” Galerie Polaris - Paris (France)

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