Né en 1978 - France


Born October 24, 1978 in Paris, he got a high school diploma in literature in Seine-et-Marne, later on his passion brought him to Paris to study Plastic Arts at the University of Saint-Denis.

He then worked during fifteen years as a decorator, graphic designer, web developer and project manager in Audiovisual Arts. From parents who were graphic artists as well, he matures in a completely visual universe, whether through cartoons from the 70s-80s, vinyl covers, television or the cinema, this is what defines his real personality today. He spends his time drawing and constantly feeds himself from his meetings and his professional experiences, he works and collaborates with several artists of all kinds as well as with technicians and specialists.

In constant research, he can not be defined by one specific style, he remains attentive to everything that contributes to the evolution of his creations. His themes correspond to major questions about love, death and life. Their meanings are underlying, almost implicit, sometimes.

But there is another area in which he is more punctual, driven by his impulses. It is from this dynamic that emerges his use of the marker, felt pen (alcohol, tempera ...) applied directly on the canvas without preparation, where his ideas and his urges are the only guide to trace the lines. He considers painting and art as a means of expression in itself. Influenced by Major Arts and Street Art in all its domains. The "bad painting", K.Haring, Basquiat ... graffiti,Tilt, Zeus ... cartoons, W. Disney, K. Otomo ... the academy, G. Klimt, Da Vinci ...cinema: S. Kubrick ... colors, shapes, women and life, because for him there is art in everything he touches. He is one of this sort of people who lives through Art.

His activities are thus closely related to his daily life, performing arts professions and all arts are a way of living that he embraces and that he appreciates with enthusiasm and seriousness.

- Célia Elamé.

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Mai 2015. "Premier mur« Dynamo And CO. Paris.
COLLAB : Juin 2015 "Mixed Media Project". Yari Ortiz, plasticienne/photographe. Los Angeles.
EVENT : Juillet 2015. "Street Artwork". Mécénat pour l' Architecture Historique. Sucy En Brie.
COLLAB : Août 2015. « Soft/Hard Design », Myriam Maxo, architecte d' intérieur/designer. Paris.
COMMANDE : Septembre 2015. « Griffe» Edition limitée. Toranja-shoes.com.
EXPO : Octobre 2015. "B.A.D. Wayz" jusqu' à 2016. Belgium Artistic District, Bruxelles.

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KNartwork #113

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