Romain Froquet

Born in 1982 - France


Born in 1982, lives and works in Paris.

The works of Romain Froquet are an invitation to the fantasy and the uniqueness of a universe stemming from his own subconscious. Froquet, a self-taught artist directs his passion for drawing to diverse mediums without prejudice. He is as comfortable painting on an easel, or on the street enveloping the walls of lost dismal areas of town or creating site specific installations. He wishes to express himself with or without a public sometimes choosing obscure urban areas to dress the walls with his delicate tree like representations that bring color and joy to an otherwise gloomy background. The surface is of no importance nor the visibility of his installations, here he presents himself as an ephemeral artist and as a performer – it is his process that becomes paramount not the actual public display.

Froquet’s work is a condensation of complexities. His constant struggle to conciliate the abstract with the figurative pushes him to an almost surreal state of mind whereby the completion of the artwork is no longer the primary goal but the vehicle to an ulterior motive. This finale for which he perseveres becomes a lifeboat that transports him constantly to new experimentation. Each new drawing, painting or ephemeral intervention becomes the relic that documents and preserves research, gesture and experience. With each new piece comes a hope for renewal, an artistic pilgrimage with a result always subject to the haphazard of all the elements combined- the perfect storm.

Tormented by his desire for freedom from the classical rigors which are revealed in the colorful manga drawings he delicately marries to primitive African stylizations of figurative elements. Froquet remains however faithful to the exactitude and perfection dictated by architectures and spacial relations. His mood, his inspiration and the constant need for gesture, line and continual movement recall the nervous and excited abstractions of Pollock and Riopelle.

References abound in the artworks created by this young autodidact with an old soul. It is Arshile Gorky’s work however that I can see most clearly impregnated in his stroke. Gorky insisted on projecting ideas from his past and personal history through a novel technique at a time period when all seemed to have been said in abstraction. He was unafraid to reference and to reinvent past styles and strokes of his contemporaries such as Pollock and De Kooning. He clearly stated his mindset in his many quotes. « Abstraction allows man to see with his mind what he cannot physically see with this eyes… Abstract art enables the artist to perceive beyond the tangible, to extract the infinite out of the finite. It is the emancipation of the mind. It is an explosion into the unknown areas. »

With such an implosion of styles and references the viewer senses a respect and understanding in the work of Romain Froquet for what has been before, but mostly for what is to come. He is an acute understudy honing and enriching his works through the strengths and the weakness of past and current art history, yet his creations are the culminations of his own artistic patrimony, of perseverance, prolific production and truthful self-critique Romain Froquet brings to art a new proposal that is worthy of a close following, continuing in this process his own personal battle between the gesture and the line. We can be reassured that it will not be easy, but where there is no battle there is no winner, who said this?

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Bohemia, Galerie Nunc!, Grenoble (Fr) / 13 Février – 12 Mars 2016
Hémisphère, Galerie Clémouchka, Lyon (Fr)
Gesture And Line, Yvonamor Palix Gallery, Houston (Us)
Exposition Personelle, Les Cadres Gault, Genève (Ch)
Racines, Road Art Gallery, Marseille (Fr)
Racines, Galerie L’espace, Dijon (Fr)
Ambivalence, Galerie L’espace, Dijon (Fr)
Empreinte, Xoyo Gallery, London (Uk)
Empreinte, H2 Basement Gallery, Paris (Fr)
Filigrane, L’arrière Boutique, Paris (Fr)


Residence Avant Destruction, Galerie Brugier Rigail / Curated By Stéphane Carricondo
Mutation, Galerie Art&Craft / Curated By Vincent Tiercin
Child For Care, Piasa, Paris (Fr) / Curated By France Inde Karnataka
Parcours Aucwin, Galerie Amarrage, Saint-Ouent (Fr)| Curated By Jungle / J.Romain
Seules Les Traces Font Rêver, 29 Maubourg, Paris (Fr)| Curated By G.Bloch / F.Allègre
La Ville Continent, Omniparis, Paris (Fr) | Curated By Val Dan
Freedom, Wynwood, Miami (Us)
Avant Destruction, Musée Carré Bonnat, Bayonne (Fr) | Curated By Christelle Vessot
Undefined, 6b, Saint-Denis (Fr) | Curated By Joachim Romain & Jungle
25eme Etage, Tour Pleyel, Saint-Denis (Fr) | Curated By Stephane Carricondo
Metamorphose, Obliq, Paris (Fr)
French Street Art, Galerie Mines D’art, Genève (Ch) | Curated By Frédéric Claquin
La Nocturne Rive Droite, Les Cadres Gault, Paris (Fr) | Curated By Vincent Tiercin
Drawing Is Not A Crime, Galerie Du Pont Neuf, Paris (Fr) ) | Curated By Frédéric Claquin
Open The Door, Houston, (Us) | Co-Curator With Karine Parker-Lemoyne & Tfaa
Les Bains, Galerie Magda Danysz, Paris, (Fr) | Curated By Magda Danysz
Tous Les Chemins Menent A Marseille, Road Art Gallery, Marseille (Fr)
Urban Decay, Ravi Gallery, Hyderabad (In) | Curated By Rahul Mitra
Fresh, Yvonamor Palix Gallery, Houston (Us) | Curated By Yvonamor Palix
Sur Papier, Yvonamor Palix Gallery, Houston (Us) | Curated By Yvonamor Palix
Go West, Unesco, Paris / Williams Tower, Houston (Us) | Curated By Karine Parker-Lemoyne
Permis De Construire, Galerie Nikki Diana Marquardt, Paris (Fr) | Curated By 9ème Concept
Le Mur, Espace Des Blancs Manteaux, Paris (Fr) | Curated By Le Mur
Imagine, Palais De Tokyo, Paris (Fr) | Co-Curator With 9ème Concept
Scratch Paper, L’arrière Boutique, Paris (Fr) | Curated By 9ème Concept
Collectors, La Belleviloise, Paris (Fr) | Curated By 9ème Concept
Sang 9, Galeria La Santa, Barcelona, (Sp) | Curated By 9ème Concept
Sang 9, Centre D’art En L’île, Genèva (Ch) | Curated By 9ème Concept
Sang 9, Mk2 Bibliothèque, Paris (Fr) | Curated By 9ème Concept
Comme A La Maison, The Lazy Dog, Paris (Fr) | Curated By Romuald Stivine
Salon De Comparaison, Paris (Fr)
Sang 9, Kitchen 93 Gallery, Paris (Fr) | Curated By Rosaline Fay-Boehlinger
Le Labyrinthe, Anglet (Fr) | Curated By 9ème Concept
Sang 9, Magda Danysz Gallery, Paris, (Fr) | Curated By Magda Danysz
In Situ
Sawgrass Grand Hotel, Miami (Us)
Studio 13-16 Centre George Pompidou, Paris (Fr) | Curated By Martin Bourguignat
Aux Tableaux, Marseille (Fr) | Curated By A.D’alessio Et Juxtapoz
150 Ans Du Printemps, Paris (Fr) | Curated By B.Laumaillé Et F.Banchet
Aucwin, Saint Denis (Fr) | Curated By J.Romain Et Jungle
Mur Du Square Karcher, Paris (Fr) | Curated By Artazoi
Trees, Wynwood, Miami (Us)
The Cargo Space, Rice University, Houston (Us) | Curated By Christopher Sperandio
L’eté Au Canal, Seine Saint Denis (Fr) ) | Curated By Artazoi
Montpellier Fait Le Mur, Montpellier (Fr) ) | Curated By Coralie Meunier
Genesis, Lycée Du Nivolet, Chambéry (Fr)
Le M.U.R, Marseille (Fr) | Curated By Juxtapoz
Main Street Projects, With Rahul Mitra, Houston (Us)
La Main De L’homme, Central 7, Nyoiseau (Fr)
Installation, With Clemens Behr, Bagnolet (Fr)

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