Catherine Farge



1998-2000: glassworker Compagnon, CAP qualification in blowing in the mold: training in blowing and spinning in the blowtorch, blow tube blowing in the CERFAV (European Center of Researches and Training in Glass Arts) in Vannes-le-Châtel.

1998: blowing assistant of Pedro VELOSO at the Centre des Arts du Verre ADAC, Paris.


- Member of a blowing team during a summer international meeting, Glass Training in Leerdam, Hollande.

- Second glass blowing assistant at M. GUGGISBERG et P. BALDWIN Glassworks, Switzerland

- Member of the blowing team of Adam ARANSON, The Handmade Glass Company,

London, United Kingdom.

- Assistant in blowing, glass workshop Martine DURAND GASSELIN, St Méloir des Ondes.


- First blowing assistant, glassworks M. GUGGISBERG et P. BALDWIN,


- Second glass blowing assistant, glassworks M. GUGGISBERG et P. BALDWIN, Switzerland.

- Glass blowing assistant, Artistic Glassworks Orlando ZENNARO, Venice, Italy.

- Glass blowing assistant, Blown glass Workshop Fernando AGOSTINHO, Bruniquel, France.

2004: demonstration at the Atelier de Sars Poteries Art Gallery during the exposition of "Glass, color and creation".

2005: meeting workshop of Mediterranean Glassworkers organised by the UNESCO, Tunisian.

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• Musée du Verre, Claret, France (2014)

• Braggiotti Gallery, Amsterdam, Pays-Bas (2014-2013)

• Charenton le Pont, France (2013)

• Galerie Les 3 Soleils, Epesses, Suisse (2013)

• Adler Joailliers, Genève, Suisse (2014-2012)

• Courants d'Art Galerie, Revel, France (2012-2011-2009-2008)

• Montboul'Art, Soyaux, France (2012-2011)

• Galerie Artes, Troyes, France (2011-2010)

• Orleat, France (2010)

• Clermont Ferrand, France (2010-2005)

• Galerie Clément, Vevey, Suisse (2009-2008)

• Gallery Luniverre, Paris, France (2008)

• Galerie Adler Joailliers, Gstaad, Suisse (2007)

• Musée/ Centre d'Art du Verre, Carmaux, France (2007)

• Strasbourg, France (2006)

• SOFA, Galerie Ateliers d’Art de France, Chicago, USA (2006-2005)

• Galerie Collection, Ateliers d'Art de France, Paris, France (2006)

• Centre d'Art Contemporain Vauban, Briançon, France (2006)

• Centre Culturel La Pléyade, Commentry, France (2006)

• Salon Artis'art, Parc des expositions, St. Etienne, France (2005)

• Galerie Empreinte, Aydat, France (2005)

• pour l'UNESCO, Tunisie (2005)

• Biennale du Verre, Langeais, France (2005)

• Biennale Premiers feux, Troyes, France (2005)

• Vente aux enchères Prestige, Drouot, Paris, France (2005)

• St’Art, Galerie Ateliers d’Art de France, Strasbourg, France (2005)

• Biennale du Verre Contemporain, Issoire, France (2004-2002)

• Aartech, Grenoble, France (2004)

• Troyes, France (2004)

• Galerie Garde à Vue, Clermont Ferrand, France (2003)

• CERFAV, Vannes-le-Châtel, France (2003)

• St Emilion, Bayonne, Bordeaux, France (2002)

• Exposition Internationale de Verre Contemporain, Alizay, France (2002)

• CERFAV Paris, Vannes-le-Châtel, France (2001)

• Rossella Junck Gallery, Venise, Italie (2000)

• Galerie Ovadia, Nancy, France (2000)

• Galerie Complément d'Objet, Martot, France (2000)

Exposition permanente

• Musée du Design et d'Art Contemporain, MUDAC, Lausane, Suisse

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