Nicolas Fropo de Habart

Born in 1962 - France


A possible look on the works of Nicolas Fropo de Habart

Our place in the universe, our condition, the acceptance of the flesh and its mysteries, our link in the earth … These big questions, these aspiration, Nicolas Fropo de Habart makes them his, by questioning them more than by answering it. Hegives us to read his questioning through his paints. The man fades leaving the perplexed soul in the face of the metaphysical area of a landscape in black and white, where some red touches or of ochre put a little of heat. We are so little, so small lost in this absolute, this fleeting vision of eternity. A discreet vertical, tiny touch, sometimes comes to symbolize the presence of the man, in what can seem a marine, desert or volcanic decoration. The desire can come to evoke the works of a Friedrich or a Boecklin, the reach of which would have been so well felt by the artist that he would restore the essence, the unadorned working drawing, in an asceticism of colors and lines. Just what one needs that to move and transport the spectator who becomes identified, is confronted just like his own vague and disproportionate fate, as this small character, enthralling, contemplative and meditating.
When Nicolas offers his brushes to the flesh, the work is made pain, sensualism also. Tracks of traumas or accidents of past, perception aigüe of the fragility which sees itself underlined in some strong lines, emotions of the attraction … We shall note fast hair ruffled in the rimbaldienne speed, and the length of necks, as if him to be represented tried to increase, Or as if the artist incited the model to the rise … The man is tall, rich in his spirituality, in his culture, aware of the esthetics of bodies, fed of Beautiful, of Crowned.
As at Baudelaire, we perceive in the work of Nicolas Fropo de Habart the attraction for the ideal and the attraction of the spleen. It is in the strength of these contradictory mooses, this ceaseless vertical movement, that lives its artistic balance. A so suggestive and masterful way of representing the unspeakable of the eddies of the consciousness and the storms of the spirit.

JH Maisonneuve on June 9th, 2014

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Galeries en permanence

Galerie La Danse des Oiseaux St Pée sur Nivelle
Galerie L'Art ici aussi Désaignes
Galerie Corps et Ame Nîmes

Expositions personnelles

2015 "Lumières de solitude" Arts et découvertes Paris 15°
2014 Galerie Phoenix Köln Allemagne
2014 L'Art Ici Aussi Désaignes
2012-2013 "Par-delà les ombres" - Galerie Françoise Estran - Marseille
2012 "Des ténèbres jaillit la lumière" - Eglise St Pierre d'Arène - Nice
2011 "Corps à corps" - Galerie Françoise Estran - Marseille
2010 "Mais qui es-tu ?" - Eglise St Paul - Nîmes
2010 "A mains nues" - Espace St Pierre - Le Grau du Roi
2010 "Corps" - Bibliothèque universitaire - Toulouse
2010 "La nuit qu'il fut livré" - Eglise St Paul - Nîmes
2009 "Galerie Claudel" - Paris

Expositions collectives

2015 "Paysages empathiques et autres bizarreries" Tournon sur Rhône
2015 Art3F Mulhouse
2014 Brigade contemporaine Atabal Biarritz
2013 "Intimité" - Asile 404 - Marseille
2013 "Croquis et dessins" - Galerie des Effets Secondaires - Vergaville
2012 "Art Nîm" - 13ème Foire Internationnale d'Art Contemporain - Nîmes
2012 "20 ans de Courant d'Art" - Chapelle des Jésuites - Nîmes
2011 "Elan d'Art" - Corum - Montpellier
2011 "Lieu d'être" - Eglise St Paul - Nîmes
2011 "Visages" - Galerie Françoise Estran - Marseille
2008 "MuMok-Hofstallung" - Vienne, Autriche

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