Vida Mehri

Né en 1984 - Iran


The themes of censorship and self censorship are at the center of Vida Mehri's work (Vida Liza), an Iranian artist living in Belgium. "These themes obsess me since I have left Iran, a society stiffened by social filters and censorship, to go study Fine Arts in Sweden, perceived as a free society." Vida was born in Tehran in 1984. She has studied architecture at the Azad University. In 2009, she went to Sweden for a Master in Fine Arts at the University of Umea. Since 2011, she lives in Belgium where for postgraduate studies in Arts Media Design in Sint Lukas, Brussels.

Her work explores the tensions between two identities, social and cultural on the one hand, and virtual on the other, the impossible definition of belonging and all the things that shape the personality and behavior of individuals in the social construction.

The art of Vida Mehri (Vida Liza) merges with her life. All her work is irrigated by her doubts, her intimate questions. The memories and emotions from her 24 years spent in Iran are merge with the echoes of life that goes on without her in her home country. Distance does not make the urgency imposed by the social and political context or by the hopes, the frustrations of her family and close ones fade.

Her work deploys on different types of media: drawings, installations, mixed media or videos. Her laptop has become a window on her country. A window that produces images that she printed on canvas and makes holes in them, holes that are proliferating as censorship.

The drawings of the series "Let it be" evoke scenes between dream and reality, with red wires, adhesive tape and pieces of text in Persian. She is present in these works, marked by violent, frontal and ironic traits, somehow like pranks, with the haunting image of cockroaches that climb onto the body or multiply as a threat that goes out of control. The threat is also presented in her video "My fingers grew and stuck to the asphalt" a poetic metaphor that breathes and dreams with the inhabitants of a city under the threat of a mysterious and fatal poison.

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Centre culturel Estación Mapocho, Santiago (Chile)
Estación Cielo Abierto, Valparaiso (Chile)

Collaboration avec le rassemblement démcratique, Södra, Stockholm (Sweden)
Librairie Ouvrir L’œil bookshop/Gallery, Lyon (France)
3///3…three walls on Wednesdays…, en collaboration avec Blanka Amezkua dans les lieux publics d’Athènes, Athens (Greece)

Art Expo (Téhéran 2008), Tehran (Iran)

Vidéo installation, Mehrin Art Gallery, Tehran (Iran)


Art Base Gallery, Brussels (Belgium)

Projection du court-métrage « My fingers grew and stuck to the asphalt of the street », 14e Festival des cinémas Différents et Expérimentaux de Paris (collectif jeune cinéma), Paris (France)
Biennale Internationale du Dessin Contemporain, Namur (Belgium)

Gallerie Andersson Sandström, Stockholm (Sweden)
Bildmuseet, Umeå (Sweden)
Biennale de dessin, Imam Ali Museum, Tehran (Iran)

WIP Gallery, Stockholm (Sweden)
Académie des Beaux-arts d’Umeå, Umeå (Sweden)

Biennale de dessin, Complexe culturel Pardis, Tehran (Iran)

Organisatrice de l’exposition de peintures des enfants travailleurs et de la rue, Mehrin Art Gallery, Tehran (Iran)

Mehrin Gallery, Tehran (Iran)

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