Silvia Papas

Né en 1969 - Italy


Silvia Papas, is an Italian artist born in Conegliano, Italy in 1969, she lives and works in Padoue.

After completing her studies at the School of Art of Padua, she started a career in fashion, set design and poster designer. The visual suggestions of these domains and those evoked by her frequent trips to the USA as well as a particular interest for pop art, are all elements of aesthetic inspiration for Silvia Papas, who decided to devote exclusively to her pictorial research in 1993.

Since the beginning, seductive female characters parade the surfaces of her canvases, chromatically attractive and colorful. By using a gray spectrum and chromatic episodes, the women represented become masters of seduction. The apparent luminosity of their life and the unpredictable solitudes and dependencies emerge.
Silvia Papas's women become bright forefront of a destabilised society for their own good. Symbols of consumerism, as well as ideological clashes germinate on the margins, leaving visible traces between the halls and the walls of the modern cities, but the protagonist dont loose their power to seduce.

Between 2002 and 2004, Silvia Papas associated with Ekatherina Savtchenko, Marika Lang and Kana Otofuji, to create a group called " 4 Women group" an artistic training group for females with multicultural expression and characterized by confrontation and protagonist of a series of exhbitions in Italy and abroad.

Papa exhibits her works regularly in Italy, Spain, Norway, Austria and the United States.

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Solo Exhibitions
2015: “Rapport fra Idag”,Galleri Pingvin,Norway.// 2014: “Italian Pop Art”,Galeria Viki Blanco, Gijon, Spain.// “Rapport fra Idag”, Galleri Pingvin, Oslo, Norway.// 2013: “Travel”, Bienal del sur Panamà, Panamà city, Panamà.// “Rapport fra Idag”, Galleri Pingvin, Oslo, Norway .// 2012: “Rapport fra Idag”,Galleri Pingvin, Oslo, Norway.// 2011: “Charme” (curated by Luca Beatrice), Vecchiato Art Galleries, Padova, Italy.// “Rapport fra Idag”, galleri Pingvin, Oslo, Norway.// 2010: “Woman 010”, Galerie Wolfgang, Wien, Austria.// “Illusion”, Galleria Akropolis, Brescia, Italy.// “Rapport fra Idag”, Galleri Pingvin, Oslo, Norway.// 2009: “La Dolce Mi.Ma”, La sala Rossa, Milano Marittima,Italy.// “Rapport fra Idag”, Galleri Pingvin, Oslo, Norway.// 2008: “Femme”, Galleria la Rinascente, Padova, Italy.// “Rapport fra Idag”, Galleri Pingvin, Oslo, Norway.// 2007: “Illusions”, Palazzo del commercio”, Lugo(Ravenna), Italy.// “Rapport fra Idag”, Galleri Pingvin, Oslo, Norway.// 2006: “Rapport fra 2006”, Galleri Pingvin, Oslo, Norway.// Hotel Cormoran, Villasimius (Cagliari) .//Luisetto Arte Contemporanea, Padova, Italy.// 2005: “Illusions” (curated by James Cavello), Westwood Gallery, New York, USA.// “Roma Lisbona”(curated by N. Zandomenego), Galleria Jorge Shirley, Lisbon, Portugal.// Luisetto Arte Contemporanea, Padova, Italy.// Galleria tra la terra e il cielo, Nizza Monferrato (Asti), Italy.// 2004: “Rapport fra 2004, Galleri Pingvin, Oslo, Norway.// “Troppo sicure” , Galleria il Divano di George, Modena, Italy.// Hotel Cormoran, Villasimius (Cagliari), Italy.// 2003: Galleria L'Immagine, Cesena, Italy.// Galleri B.A., Oslo, Norway.// Casa gaia da Camino, Portobuffolè (Treviso), Italy.// 2002: Galleri B.A., Oslo, Norway.// Galleria il Contatto, Mestre, Italy.// Galleria Studio 5, Bari, Italy.// Museo Civico Amedeo Modigliani, Follonica (Grosseto), Italy.// Galleria Stuio 5, Ancona, Italy.// 2001: “La Strada”, Stendhal Gallery, New York, USA.// “Verso il 2000, Studio d'Arte G.R., Sacile, Italy.// Galleri B.A., Oslo, Norway.// 2000: “Art as Fashion as Art”, Stendhal Gallery, New York, Usa.// “Visioni della mente”, Galleria Akropolis, Brescia, Italy.// 1999: “EV”, Stendhal Gallery, New York, USA.// Galleria il Mulino, Gorizia, Italy.// 1997: Galleria Studio Palazzi, Venezia, Italy.// Galleria Joseph International Art, Conegliano, Italy.// Galleria Mirart, Lignano sabbiadoro, Italy.// 1996: Galleria Mirart, Lignano Sabbiadoro, Italy.// Galleria Manzoni, Montegrotto Terme, Italy.// 1995: Galleria Mirart, Lignano Sabbiadoro, Italy

Last Group Exhibitions
2015: NAF Napoli Art Fair. Napoli, Italy.// Flecha 2015, Madrid,Spain.// XV simposio internacional, Palacio de Albacin, Noja, Spain.// “Artistes du monde”,Cannes, France.// ArtePadova, Padova, Italy.// “30 ars jubileumsutstilling” Gallery Pingvin, Oslo, Norway.// BAF 2015 Bergamo art fair, Bergamo ,Italy.// 2014.// “Papeles y algo mas”, Galeria El arte de lo Imposible, Gijon, Spain.// Quattro Galeria, Leiria, Portugal.// Art-Madrid, Madrid, Spain.// Flecha. // 2014: Madrid, Spain.// Donostiartean, San Sebastian, Spain.// ArtePadova, Italy.// 2013: Flecha 2013, Madrid, Spain.// Affordable, London, UK.// ArtFactory, Catania, Italy.// ArtePadova, Italy. // 2012: Biennale di Tiburg, Holand. //Flecha 2012, Madrid. // Art-Madrid, Madrid, Spain. // ArtFactory, Catania, Italy. // ArtePadova, Italy. // 2011: “Rod Art”, Valencia, Spain. // “Young Artist on show”, Galleria l'Immagine, Cesena, Italy. //Der Kunstraum in den Ringstrassen,Galerien, Wien, Austria. // La Fondaciòn Aguirre Newman El Patio de los Bambus, Madrid, Spain. // Flecha 2011, Madrid, Spain. // ArtFactory, Catania, Italy. // ArtVerona, ArtePadova, Italy. // 2010: Carouselle de Louvre Museum, Paris, France. // Flecha 2010, Madrid, Spain. // Art-Madrid, Madrid, Spain. // Art -Oslo, Norway. // ArtePadova, Italy. // 2009: “Optimism”, Oslo, Norway. // ArtVerona, Italy. // ArtePadova, Italy. // ArteBergamo and Cremona, Italy. // 2008: “Real 08”, Galerie Wolfgang Exner, Wien, Austria. // Artexpo Genova , Reggio Emilia italy. // ArtePadova, Italy. // VicenzArte, Italy. // 2007: “Pop 07”, Galeria Wolfgang Exner, Wien, Italy. // Art-Miami, USA. // Artexpo Parma, Reggio Emilia, Italy. // VicenzArte, Italy. //ArtePadova, Italy. // 2006: Art-MIami, USA. // Artexpo Parma, verona, Italy. // VicenzArte, Italy. // ArtePadova, Italy. // 2005: “4 italianos em Lisboa”, Galeria Jorge Sshirley, Lisboa, Portugal. // La Sala Naranja, Valencia, Spain. //Museo Laboratorio d'Arte Contemporanea, Roma, Italy. // Centro per l'Arte Contemporanea Castello Colonna, Genezzano (Roma), Italy. // Artexpo Parma, Italy. // VicenzArte, Italy. // ArtePadova, Italy. // 2004: “4 Woman Group”, Palazzo dell'Arsenale, Verona, Italy. // “4 Woman Group”, Galleria Akropolis, Brescia, Italy. // “4 Woman Group”, Factory 04, Padova, Italy. // Artexpo, Parma, Italy. // VicenzArte, Italy. // ArtePadova, Italy. // …

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