Gilles Bailac



?I learned painting through the Museums and theaters Nature has to offer, and possess a physical need to express myself. I mentally photograph? what strikes me o?r? ?appeals to me aesthetically. ?My artistic look? ?drew its maturity? this way with time and it is my unique guide in the re?search of my subjects and their expression.

My work consists mainly in ?landscapes and abstract compositions? in order to capture and express what I feel. I ?trigger a visual feeling.? M?y p?aintings ?lead to dreams and imagination. ??I like to paint while omitting details because I focus on the result itself. ?M??y arrangements ?are improvisations ?that stem from an idea, a color, a photograph, a detail? and even sometimes a state of mind.? I am really satisfied when the viewer penetrates into my canvas ??and gets lost in it.?

My style is fast, light, spontaneous?. ?While controlling my painting, ?I listen to it and let the material go ??wherever it wants at the same time. ??I allow the canvas to drink the amount of painting ??it wants. ??I let it do what it has to do.? ??M??y compositions ?force the viewer to recompose the canvas itself.

?M?y colors: ?blue which I use a lot, ?is a magical color, ??fundamental,? which soothes, makes ?one dream. ?Blue never shocks nor ?offends, ?it does not revolt, ?it is ??peaceful. I?t divinely? ?matches my personality. ?Bright red, ?green, white, yellow and black also make part of my range of colors.

M?y favorite painters are Staël, Rothko, Sargent, Klee, Monet, Van-Gogh, and many ??talented unknown artists. As Oscar Wilde said: «Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.»

?Since many years, I have been spending my life between wild nature?,? ?the Ocean, my native «Basque» mountains and Japan.

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