Né en 1979 - Spain


VinZ was born in 1979 in Valencia and he graduated art school. His works show naked people in their natural state. The photographs are created by VinZ in his studio. The bodies operate in a wide variety of scenes, both ordinary and disturbing. VinZ creates anonymous characters by painting animal heads on his subjects, which also gives them a new meaning.

With reference to ancient representations of animals, VinZ has painted lizards, birds, and fish. As his background, VinZ uses old documents, invoices, or love letters-paper that has lost its meaning for the owner. These are collaged and painted.

Each of his pictures is able to pull the viewer into a new narrative. The complete understanding of his works happens with respect to VinZ’s timing and the restrictive mechanisms and repressions by means of violence in society. The roots of VinZ’s ideas can be found in the current political, social, and global environment. The naked body makes us question our own understandings of freedom and life.

In large format VinZ brings his art to the street. "VinZ Feel Free“ is a project that was started in the crisis of 2011 and could be viewed in many cities around the world. VinZ says through his art: 'I believe that a positive message quickly reaches our subconscious as a negative message. Therefore, I try everyday to represent content with profound statements, but at the same time I try to build humor, beauty, sensuality, and tenderness into my works.'

On the road he often shows scenes where police officer with lizard heads suppress vulnerable people wearing chicken masks, or fake advertisements depicting luxury brands with exploitative sexual advertisements, which show their models as slippery fish. In a world where the future is uncertain, VinZ celebrates the motto „It’s time to feel free.“

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2014 “Fish Tank” – Soon Gallery – Bern
2014 “Resistencia” – C.A.V.E. Gallery – Los Angeles
2014 ”Tempus fugit” – RexRomae Gallery – London
2014 “Paraphilia” – Urban Painting Gallery – Valencia
2013 ”Market” – SC Gallery – Bilbao
2012 ”Batalla” – Jonathan Levine Gallery – New York
2012 ”Rules of Etiquette” – Andenken + Battalion + The Garage – Amsterdam
2012 ”Usual Misdeeds”- Inoperable Gallery – Vienna
2011 ”La ciudad es tuya” – L’Arteria Gallery – Valencia


“In Full Swing” – Parlor Gallery – New Jersey
“Annual Venice Artwalk” – C.A.V.E. Gallery – Los Angeles
“Dinámica. Tránsito. Crecimiento.” – Hat Gallery – Valencia
“Beyond the Eden” Art fair – C.A.V.E. Gallery space – Los Angeles
“Metamorphose” I Biennal d’Art Contemporaine Centre Walter Benjamin – Perpignan
“10th Anniversary Wooster Collective” – Jonathan Levine Gallery – New York
“Paper Gaineko Lana” – NoColor Galeria – Donosti
“After the street: Art” – Convent des Mimes – Perpignan
“Cash, Cans & Candy” – Galerie Ernst Hilger – Vienna
“La Rue” – L’Arteria Gallery – Valencia
“High Five” – C.A.V.E. GALLERY – Los Angeles
“Insiders” – N2 Gallery – Barcelona
“Fortune favors the bold” – Parlor Gallery – New Jersey
“Urbanotipos” – Imprevisual Gallery – Valencia
“Hybrid Thinking” Curated by Wooster Collective – Jonathan Levine Gallery – New York


“Brandalism” – United Kingdom
Mislatas Representan 3 Graffiti Festival – Mislata
Project walls in Vienna, Austria, invited by Inoperable Gallery
Collab with TEDx – Project Wall – La Rambleta – Valencia
Project walls in Shoreditch, Hackney & Brick Lane – London
“Poliniza”- Urban Art Festival – Valencia
“La Marca €spaña” – Project wall – Instituto Francés – Valencia
Incubarte Art Festival – Valencia
Mislatas Representan 2 Graffiti Festival – Mislata
“B.A.D. (Barcelona Art Project)” by Kognitif – Swab Art Fair – Barcelona


Scoop – Saatchi & Pillips – Curated by Streetartnews –London
Scope Art Fair – Andenken Space – New York
“Market” – Book by Pentagraf Editorial
“Nude is the answer” – Moniker Art Fair – Kallenbach + Andenken space – London
“Wooster on Paper 4? – Fanzine edited by Wooster Collective
“Stroke” Urban art Fair – Andenken space – Munich
“Vinz Feel Free” – Book by Wooster Collective
“Stroke” urban art fair – Andenken space – Munich

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