Vicente Ruiz

Né en 1941 - Spain


Biographie en cours de finition

Vicente Ruiz (Lorca, 1941)
     The young Vincent began his studies in the Marist schools in Murcia and Augustinians of El Escorial, and began painting in Paris in 1965.
     His first exhibition collectively in 'The balcony of the moon', in Madrid. In 1968, residing in Lorca, he presented his first solo show in the gallery 'Porch' of this city, with thirty portraits of marginalized characters.
     then performs solo exhibitions at "Casa Vella" in Valencia and "Nuño de la Rosa" in Murcia, in 1973; in the "Windsor" Gallery Bilbao in 1974; and other group in the Chamber of Information and Tourism of San Sebastián. Began his relationship with the Gallery 'Thais' of Lorca, where he exhibited regularly since 1974. It then performs a figurative works of impressionist court in a formal search that matches a profound social interest. It was an era characterized by the canonical use of post-impressionist and expressionist styles, in which the artist signed lorquino 'Vicente'.
     In 1975 an individual exhibition in the "Zero" Gallery Murcia. He participates with his work in Homage to Miguel Hernández in Elche, and collective "Abstract Painting" of C.A.H. Crevillente.
     In 1977 collaborates with his paintings in the exhibition also homage to the poet in the gallery 'Two Strokes' Santander. Alicantinos in 1978 with painters participated in the exhibition "Twelve artists around the press," five murcianas galleries. Meanwhile he obtained the Prize of the Council of Murcia, "Villacis Award" in 1979 and in I980 participates in "Contraparada I" and "Murcia at the Palace of the Generalitat". This year solo exhibition at the Gallery "Once" of Alicante.
     During several trips to the Sahara living with the Tuareg give an important turn in his work, showing at the Yerba Gallery Murcia, where an individual exhibition in 1981, and takes his paintings to Alencon Gallery Madrid, "Gallery 13 "from Barcelona and" Dart lloc "of Elche in separate solo exhibitions. This same year he was selected to participate as a guest in the "First Caceres Painting Prize".
polymorphic compositions, synthetic constructs
     The work done during the eighties shows an experimentation looking for abstract design and polymorphous composition, ways in which evolves in later years with the construction of very synthetic forms.
     His paintings are now experiencing a deep creative transformation in which the actual evocations are diluted forms are synthesized and the color becomes urgent and unconditional force.
     In 1982 an individual exhibition in the "Trazos Gallery" of Santander, and participate in Barcelona in the "Tribute to Mariano Ballester". By this time he meets with fifteen painters in an exhibition at the Church of San Francisco de Lorca. In 1988 a solo exhibition in the city of Coesfeld, Germany, and several group, including in the National Hall of CAM, Fair Arteder of Bilbao, and samples "New Trends" and "Murcia New" at the College Architects of this city.
     In 1984 he made solo exhibitions in Pontevedra, room "Lola Duran", and in Cartagena, in the Gallery "Wsell".
     The study and knowledge of the cave paintings in Africa and Levante Spanish, takes you to another era, where his painting becomes more gestural.
     After performing a solo exhibition at the Argar Gallery Almería established relationship with the Gallery 'Chys' of Murcia, where he exhibited individually in the years 84, 85 and 86, and concurs with the gallery at the fair of Arc 1984, 85 and 88. Meanwhile participates in the exhibition "Art in Murcia" in the City of Madrid (1985) and the Savings Bank of Cuenca, in the collection Florencio de la Fuente. The same year he was awarded in the "Bienal de Arte Murcia" and is involved with various artistic convocations: "Fine Arts" in Alicante, "Cultural Week Spain in the U.S.S.R.", "First Biennial of Avila". "Painting Contest Caja Postal" among others.
     In 1990 five painters in Grass, France participates in the "First Biennial City of Albacete and ours" Murcia ". At this time in the Almudí Palace Murcia the exhibition is held" 25 Painters Murcianos', which presents the play "Spells a wild beast. "
pure abstraction
     Vicente Ruiz is then immersed in pure abstraction. The enthusiastic use of color that always motivated the painter was finally shown in compositions in which extremely minimizes spatial structures and dimensions.
     Invited by the Association of Painters of Saarland, an individual exhibition in Saarbrücken, Germany; and this year mounted an exhibition on "Mills River" of Murcia with 60 works.
     Circumstantially lives in Valencia in 1991, working for the gallery 'The Ensache', and participate in the fair Painting "Interarte 'in 1992. Together with 4 other painters perform a tribute to the writer Miguel Espinosa in the gallery' Chys' of Murcia .
     That same year mounted an exhibition of 50 large paintings in the Alfonsina Tower Medieval Castle of Lorca, which he called "Canvas unturned". Subsequently exposed fifteen of these tables in the room Veronicas Murcia.
     In 1993 it presents 50 paintings in an exhibition at the House of Culture of Altea. In 1995 presents a solo show at the Gallery of Pamplona "Elena Roorych" and collective "Abstraction" said Gallery. 1996 EI participates with Mecca Gallery Murcia in the "Tribute to Parraga".
     Responding to an inner need, back to nature and the study of religions, your painting is sliding into a spiritual and lyrical work. the stage of "The Wanderer" and "window" starts. Coincidien with a change of address. with these experiences, in 1997 he held an exhibition at the gallery rnurciana La Aurora; and this year participates in "The Silkscreen Workshop Pepe Jimenez" with other artists exhibiting in the Sala Veronicas and the Museum of Modern Art in Madrid.
     Participates this year with six painters in an exhibition at the Gallery of Chicago "Peter Bartlow".
     Starting in 1998, a career with the Serrano gallery of Cieza, where he exhibited fifty paintings in a sample, which is then expanded in a group exhibition entitled "eclecticism" with 12 painters of the gallery. By this time he decorated hospital of the Holy Trinity in Salamanca, with tables for the new section of Geriatrics.
     Presented in 1998 in New York City a sample of his work in the gallery 'Agora', on Broadway, where made a report of his work for the magazine 'Arts Spectrum's. A few months later he attends the exhibition '25 years of the gallery Thais' Lorca.
     Posteriomente participate in the exhibition gallery "La Aurora" organized in Mazarrón Murcia.
     In 2001 presents 'Spiritual Canticle' at the Art Center Almudí Palace, Murcia. In 2001, in Gallery Efe Serrano, Cieza. In 2002, presents 'Last Time', in Art Gallery Nine, Murcia. In 2003, he exhibits his work at the Bodega del Arte, Lorca. In 2003 he exhibited at the Cultural Center CajaMurcia, Cartagena. In 2004, he presents his work 'Three times', in the Exhibition Hall of the CAM in Murcia and restates in the Bodega del Arte, Lorca. In 2005 presents his collection "empty pitchers' Art Gallery Nine, Murcia. That same year he was appointed member of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Santa Maria de la Arrixaca

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