Carlos Morago

Born in 1954 - Spain


arlos Morago was born in Madrid in 1954. He is a Spanish contemporary painter, academic of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Hungary, known for highly realistic work, is supported by an extensive resume of solo exhibitions, group as well as prizes. His presence in both national and foreign galleries has been usual since 1980. He has received awards such as the medal of Honor of medal awards BMW (Autumn Salon Room Macaroon).

His work is characterized by the economy of visual instruments. Morago consciously limits the images to a minimum of details just to convey an atmosphere of peace and tranquility. His creations, with archaeological sites, are abandoned and have an irresistible tendency to silence, peace, full of illuminations and touches of white. This sensitivity to details , hidden corners and unknown places, expressed through a painting that many define as hyperealist, are the ones that have given to Morago a well deserved reputation that precedes it. The artist has been sponsored by the Art Gallery Anquin 's in international art fairs.

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Solo and group exhibitions

ARCO'85 Proyección Gallery, México 1980 Edaf Gallery, Madrid

ARCO'86 Proyeccion Gallery, 1990 Gallery Mexico Villanueva, Madrid

Analcay Gallery, Madrid 1991 "Appointment with the drawing" Alfama gallery, Madrid

Spin Gallery, 1993 Arte Santander Bilbao, Biosca Gallery, Gallery Puchol, Valencia 1994

"Realismos" Centro Cultural Conde Duque, Madrid, Press Club Canaria, Las Palmas

"Appointment with the drawing" Alfama gallery, Madrid. Gallery Van-Dyck, Gijón 1996

"Spaces for Dialogue" Torres Gallery, Bilbao. Gallery Nolde, Navacerrada Madrid

"Landscapes" gallery Ansorena, Madrid. Galeria Espín, Bilbao Brussels Lineart Gallery Nolde. Gallery Hynna, Rottach Egern, Munich Artexpo. Susany Gallery, Barcelona. Gallery Puchol, Valencia

"Appointment with the drawing" Alfama gallery, Madrid. Gallery Van-Dyck, Gijón 1997 "Realismos" Ansorena Gallery, Madrid.Galeria Biosca, Madrid Santander Art Gallery Haurie. Nolde Gallery, Madrid Navacerrada Brussels Lineart Gallery Nolde. Spin Gallery, Bilbao 1998 "Ocho Realidades" Casa de Vacas, Madrid. Haurie Gallery Seville

"de tal palo, tal astilla" Alfama gallery, Madrid. Spin Gallery, Bilbao "Ocho Realidades" Sala Imagen, Seville. Gallery Nolde, Navacerrada Madrid 1999

"Human Landscapes, urban landscapes," AT. Kearney, Madrid. Kreysler Gallery, Barcelona 2000 Seville Art Gallery Haurie. Lineart, Ghent Netherlands Artexpo Susany Gallery, Barcelona. Susany Gallery, Barcelona Vic.

"Appointment with the drawing" Alfama gallery, Madrid. Calzada Arcady Gallery, Olot Girona 2001 Artexpo Susany Gallery, Barcelona. Ansorena Gallery, Madrid Porto Art Gallery Haurie. Gallery J.M. Lumbreras, Bilbao "Appointment with the drawing" Alfama gallery, Madrid. Gallery Nolde, Navacerrada Madrid 2002 Contemporary Art Fair in Strasbourg, Susany Gallery. Ansorena Gallery, Madrid

"In return the still life", Alfama gallery, Madrid. Galeria Pedro Torres Logroño Gallery María Aguilar, Cadiz. Gallery Haurie, Seville Gallery Brule, Strasbourg. Gallery J.M. Lights, Haurie Gallery Bilbao, Seville. Estela Docal Gallery, Santander Visconti Gallery, Paris. Ansorena Gallery, Madrid Juan Ammianus.

"Realismos" Pamplona. Gallery Van-Dyck, Gijón 2003. FIRI Strasbourg Contemporary Art Gallery Susany. Gallery Juan Ammianus, Pamplona Seville Art Gallery Haurie. Susany Gallery, Art Gallery Vic Barcelona 2004 Tamenaga, Paris. Clerics Gallery, Lugo Miami 2005 Art Gallery Ansorena. Photo Visconti, Paris 2006 Sevilla Art Gallery Haurie. Haurie Gallery, 2008 Gallery Seville Felli, ParísGaleria Ansorena, Madrid Brullé Gallery, Strasbourg. Photo Visconti, Paris 2009 Sala Pares (small format), Barcelona. Gallery Juan Ammianus, Pamplona 2010 Messum's Art Gallery, London

Gallery J.M. Lumbreras, Bilbao 2012 Gallery Alain Daudet, Toulouse, France. Arcadia Gallery, New York Gallery Plot Barcelona. Estela Docal Gallery, Santander Feria Art'Elysées Gallery Prés, Barcelona. Gallery AnaVilaseco, A Coruña. Strasbourg Contemporary Art Fair, Gallery Anquines. Gallery Nolde, Navacerrada Madrid. Benot Gallery, Cadiz. Arteinversión Espacio, Madrid. Gallery Jorge Pedraza, Montilla, Córdoba. Gallery Haurie, Seville. Ansorena Gallery, Madrid. Tucker Gallery, Illinois, Chicago.Galeria Art L'Arcada, Girona Blanes. Anquin’s Art Galery, Reus Tarragona. Sala Pares, Barcelona. Cloister Gallery Figueres. Estela Docal Gallery, Santander. Benot Gallery, Cadiz. Ansorena Gallery, Madrid. Cloister Gallery Girona. Sala Pares, Barcelona. Gallery Echauri Fermín, Pamplona. Gallery Nolde, Navacerrada Madrid. Gallery Pedraza Jose Montilla, Córdoba. Ansorena Gallery, Madrid

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