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Galerie Guyenne Art Gascogne

Galerie Guyenne Art Gascogne


The Gallery G.A.G. was created in 2013 with the willingness to highlight a history of the desire to paint.

The gallery takes its singularity from the confrontation between modern painting, based on the adventure of the Independent Painters of Bordeaux, and the present days with the "contemporary painting", giving this generic expression an orientation that accepts for form, both the Figurative art and the many variants of abstraction.

In parallel of the painting, drawing and art of glass exhibitions, the Guyenne Art Gascogne Gallery publishes catalogs of exhibitions, historical tribute in the case of deceased artists, or monographic for painters who, by their present pictorial approach, give life to a new poetic reality.
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  • 32 rue fondaudège
    33000, BORDEAUX

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Akira Inumaru, Portrait des plantes - Fuchsia 3, Drawing

Akira Inumaru

Portrait des plantes - Fuchsia 3, 2016
19.7 x 19.7 inch

Sold out

Akira Inumaru - Incandescence

Galerie Guyenne Art Gascogne

Akira Inumaru - Incandescence
From May, 4 To May, 27 2017