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Galerie Dufay-Bonnet

Galerie Dufay-Bonnet

Paris - France

The Dufay/Bonnet gallery grew out of the desire to offer a poetic space to about thirty painters, sculptors and plastic artists, who also share the idea that it is essential to offer an alternative to a market that is extremely speculative in contemporary art.

To enrapture the world again, rehumanise it, claim back the fragile, intimate and sensitive, produce enthusiasm and laughter and return to calm through colour (turquoise blue or bright red), form and a pencil stroke, in watercolour, oil and even with delicately crumpled paper.

It attaches tremendous importance to the aesthetic quality of the works it presents, to the rigour of the relations that it weaves among collectors, lovers, discoverers and institutions (especially the galleries and art critics who put their confidence in it).

To play on the pertinence of emotions and the impertinence of thought, to respond through the talent of a disenchanted world and not to be diverted from the profound desire slightly to change the trappings of modernity.
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  • Cité artisanale, 63, rue Daguerre
    75014, Paris
    +33(0) 6 82 66 08 89

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Galerie Dufay-Bonnet

From November, 15 To November, 30 2013

"ÊTRES SEULS / MONOTYPES" par Isabelle Cochereau

Galerie Dufay-Bonnet

"ÊTRES SEULS / MONOTYPES" par Isabelle Cochereau
From October, 11 To November, 9 2013