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Franca Ravet

Brussels From 29 October to 27 November 2016

Galerie Martine Ehmer

Galerie Martine Ehmer

Brussels - Belgium

« Everything is just appearance, isn’t it ? » Alberto Giacometti

The work of Franca Ravet is based on the questioning of identity. She likes to put all the aspects of human and social plurality in the spotlight through images shaped by repetitions and recurrences that she adopts to a digital print, a limitless proliferation of the being. For this new exhibition, the artist extends her mission by focusing on appearances.

In the rush of our modern lives, in a world invaded by images, the appearance innervates our existence. There are infinite ways to explore and understand this appearance. Franca chooses the duality, as some sort of a split. The being and the appearance emerged from the same flame. There is no abyss between the both but instead there is a superposition, a crossing.

The shadow and the light, the transparency and the opacity, the inside and the outside, the hollow and the full, the reality and the fantasy, two faces of the same person, the source of the eternal question comes from the two sides of the same work. Simulacrum or true, being or to be ? Something unreal which the artist makes tangible. No matter what remains unsaid. We all have an appearance which is just a hidden reality of which we can just draw the shadow, the frame. Inside these anthropomorphic forms, inside these appearances of faces, between layout and engraving, the enigma is maintained. The shades are discreet. The palette of these canvas is composed of black, white, tons of grey which the author and the spectator let come to life.

The human seems to be a commitment to Franca Ravet, a commitment that she maintains alive by attaching herself to the essential. The human being is always intensively present. At the same time, no art reflections can oversee the question of appearance, a personal experience as a plastic one. In philosophy, the term is studied in its relation to the essence of things and beings. It takes you back to Plato’s metaphysic approach who was the first to establish this link.

One more time, Franca Ravet offers us an interesting piece of work.

- Elisabeth Martin
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  • 200 rue haute
    1000, BRUXELLES
    +32 473 59 02 85

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