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Paris From 4 June to 4 July 2014

Galerie W

Galerie W

Paris - France

INDE | MEXIQUE | TURQUIE | INDONÉSIE | CUBA | THAÏLANDE | CHILI | CAMBODGE | GUATEMALA | ARGENTINE | LAOS | ... Since 20 years he was 20 years old, Pierre-Alex., explorer and artist, leaves his home to settle for few months in remote countries. Raw and harsh countries where the authenticity and friendliness are still there.

" During my travel I let me being led by my encounter. Closeness helps me to understand the functioning of a country and also the way of living of its inhabitant. To observe the world we are living in with all the ideas which tumble out I do realize how each civilization is a life experiment attempt, with all its contradiction and its limit. "

There are long expedition in the wild nature, crossing little village, where the encounter with human being, whom live elsewhere and differently, make a sense for Pierre-Alex. He gives us through his artwork the emotions he passed by. It’s a testimony.

" Being a traveler there are a lot of topic which are moving me. From these topics I do pictures. Then I transpose it in a cannevas. I work my art as a composition, a mixed inspired by different atmosphere. Sometimes raw, sometimes cruel, I call it the life’s patching up. I like the pressure, when I don’t know anything but I do know I will find “it” there."

Sheet metal, fence, piece of wood, etching, acrylic, collage, pen, dripping… there are a multitude of art propositions. From a strict and rigorous work the artist tries to be technically free. Paradoxically we are in an abstract approach but also very limited.

Pierre-Alex. is a permanent artist in the Galerie W.
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  • 5, rue du Grenier-Saint-Lazare
    75003, Paris
    01 42 54 80 24

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