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Kontakt n°2 | end of residence Agnes Birgerson Widin

Paris From 25 May to 26 May 2017

• kontakthof •

• kontakthof •

Paris - France

To close her residence at the apartment • kontakthof •, the Swedish artist Agnes Birgerson Widin will be presenting his work around 27 artworks from 2014 to 2017 and priced from €160,00 to €590,00

+ About the Artist

Particularly fascinated by the aesthetics of the line, its lightness, its undulations and the effects of accumulation, she now uses this as a tool that she repeats in her work like a mantra. The artist wishes before everything else to translate the complex language of the body and the beauty of the gesture. The expression of the body's mood is achieved through a patient and painstaking work.

The gender issue is also abundantly addressed in the work of Agnes Birgerson Widin. Sometimes male, sometimes female, the body is sometimes difficult to define, but some of the silhouettes are clearly feminine as we can see the breasts, of the female sex and hair. Her references are rich: Egon Schiele, Klimt or Louise Bourgeois and Moley Talhaoui; the carnal envelope talks about age and history.

Agnes Birgerson Widin is a woman, she is female, a feminist.

l'appartement • kontakthof • 26 rue de la harpe 75005 Paris
25.05 2:00pm to 7:00pm and 26.05 10:00am à 9:00pm
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    75005, Paris

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