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aquabitArt gallery

aquabitArt gallery

Berlin - Germany

The Dog's Notes

Berlin From 2 February to 28 February 2016

Since 2016 The Dog's Notes are continuously on display in aquabitArt gallery. The personified dog sculptures by Taiwanese artist Poren Huang are regularly part of solo and group exhibitions.

The internationally renowned Taiwanese artist exhibit his collection exclusively in Berlin gallery aquabitArt.

In 2005, Poren Huang launched "The Dog's Notes" metal sculpture series. It has had about 40 pieces of work up to now, created in bronze, gold leaf and stainless steel. He uses the dog as a creative starting point and each piece of work is suggestive of the human. By linking dogs to humans, Poren Huang invites the viewers to reflect and think of themselves.

A few pieces are very man-like which directly convey his attempt of using dogs to signify humans. But, because people’s lives in modern times are often gloomy and depressed, Poren Huang uses a humorous style to make the sculptures amuse viewers on a first side. Viewers, as a result, actively and repeatedly interact with the works. Through this continuous process, the exhibition visitors are enlightened to comprehensive life philosophies, they are conveyed to positive traits such as courage, loyalty, innocence or self-confidence.

"It is an honor to bring the works of this acclaimed and talented artist to Berlin," Irina Ilieva, founder and gallerist of aquabitArt states. "Poren Huang's significant collection magnifies the strength of Berlin's art community by giving voice to other contemporary sculptors working abroad" she adds.

About Poren Huang: The Taiwanese sculptor Poren Huang was born in Taichung County, located in central Taiwan. His metal creations are incorporated into Taiwan's high school art textbooks and "The Dog's Notes" series is his representative work. This series has been exhibited in several cities such as New York, Shanghai, Taipei, Oslo, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, London...
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  • Auguststrasse 35
    10119, Berlin





    closed - 1:00 PM to 8:00 PM


    closed - 1:00 PM to 8:00 PM


    closed - 1:00 PM to 8:00 PM


    closed - 1:00 PM to 8:00 PM


    closed - 1:00 PM to 8:00 PM



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Poren Huang, My Territory 3 (Mein Revier 3), Sculpture

Poren Huang

My Territory 3 (Mein Revier 3), 2007
18.9 x 14.2 x 9.8 inch


Poren Huang, I’m Not Happy Now! (Ich bin nicht glücklich!), Sculpture

Poren Huang

I’m Not Happy Now! (Ich bin nicht glücklich!), 2005
12.6 x 18.9 x 7.9 inch


Poren Huang, Hello (Hallo), Sculpture

Poren Huang

Hello (Hallo), 2014
10.2 x 4.7 x 8.3 inch


Poren Huang, Snobbery (Der Snobismus), Sculpture

Poren Huang

Snobbery (Der Snobismus), 2005
11 x 3.9 x 3.5 inch


Poren Huang, Home (Zuhause), Sculpture

Poren Huang

Home (Zuhause), 2005
5.9 x 10.6 x 3.9 inch


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