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The Painters Project

Paris From 15 May to 16 June 2015

Galerie HEGOA

Galerie HEGOA

Paris - France

The Painters Project

A meeting between a painter, a model and the photographer...

The “Painters Project” is an extensive collaboration with painters to whom I offer as a support, as a canvas, my models from the “Shade” series.

The ephemeral work carries on with the photographic trace. Magic succeed when there’s a real communion between the artist, the model and the photographer... To mix our visions and arts, our instruments and tools is an uncommon approach extremely rewarding, exciting and contrary to the eternal “solitude” of the artist.

For a number of them, this is a first shot, they must adapt to a place, a light, a “support” that are quite unusual… The painting is alive, movements, poses also influence line and trace, one must adapt, tame, running the brushes on a three dimensional canvas, discovering her profile, her back...

The body and the work tends to achieve the sublime... A hundred meetings is foreseen with English, Belgian, Dutch, Spanish, French, Swiss, American, Chinese and world artists...

- Eric Ceccarini
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  • 16 rue de Beaune
    75007 , Paris

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