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Paris From 1 October to 31 October 2015

Espace Seven

Espace Seven

Paris - France

Clément Denis is a French painter. He grew up by the Loire river and on the Noirmoutier island. Drawing and painting became more and more important for him when he was a teenager and felt the need to materialize the images he would compose in his head. He is a figurative painter influenced by expressionism, but doesn't feel as part of any particular movement.

Clément Denis sees his work as the absorbtion of the world that surrounds him. Lately his painitng has taken a more spiritual direction. His sources of inspiration and research are diverse: myths, legends, religious and esoteric literature, but also scientific texts that he reads in his search of meaning.

He doesn't want to offer reading clues to his works, as he doesn't want to limit their understanding. He leaves complete freedom to the viewers, as his goal is unity and univarsality.

For him, the painter is an observer, revealing and offering the possibility to see to a world of blind.
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  • 7 rue Bonaparte 
    75006 , Paris 
    +33 (0)1 43 29 88 94

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