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galerie Barrou Planquart

galerie Barrou Planquart

Paris - France

Albane de Saint Remy

Paris From 1 October to 11 October 2015

Albane de Saint Remy is always on the edge, between line and material, often coming close to abstraction but still leaving room for figures. She is compelled to the act of painting without striving to master the result….It is the image itself that chooses to exist. She works on a range of subject matter, such as figures and plants, and searches for their essential quality before moving forwards unhindered.
For her, painting is a very physical expression and she concentrates her energy on bringing forth an outline, on “cooking” pigments, chalk, ink on paper, canvas and wood, etc.
The material, in its most physical aspect, is as essential to her as thought, in its cerebral and spiritual dimension.
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  • 4 rue des Guillemites
    75004, Paris
    00 33 (0)6 82 03 09

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