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Vésinet From 13 November to 2 January 2016

Galerie Vaudaux

Galerie Vaudaux

Vésinet - France

In pursuit of the 2015 program, the Oneiro gallery wished to present Emma Vidal's works to art lovers, a young French artist who lives and works in London (UK).

The exhibition FERAL allows the spectator to discover Emma's universe through two mediums: drawing and sculpture. All the exhibited art works were made between 2014 and 2015.

The gallery space is organized according to a thematic journey that reveals at first the charcoal work, heart of Emma's artistic process, and sculptures that illustrate a direct extension of the ideas she develops through her graphic art.

Emma Vidal’s work depicts 'a post-apocalyptic world in ruins', a declining world where humanity is facing its loss. The artist questions both the vulnerability of mankind and its will to survive in settled chaos. Through her main artistic tool, charcoal, she builds dramatic theatrical scenes analyzing the concepts and tensions between Civilization, Faith and Nature.

Through her Catholic background and many travels, the idea of cult and ritual became Vidal’s fascination. These experiences allowed her to give birth to her distinctive work. 'I first made a real work of introspection on myself from my personal history', she says.
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  • 1 rue de Verdun
    78110, Vésinet
    +33 (0)6 49 37 87 78

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