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Galerie Mondapart

Galerie Mondapart

Boulogne-Billancourt - France

The conjugate portrait

Boulogne-Billancourt From 19 November to 9 June 2016

Artists presented: Agnès Audras, Corinne Battista, Juliette Clovis, Anne Valerie Smith, Florian Eymann, Arnaud Franc, Virginia Groleau, Yves Koerkel, Hélène Loussier, Isabelle Luca, Pauline Ohrel, Aurélie Poux, Ari Rossner and Sophie Sigorel.

Portrait of intimacy, self-portrait, portrait sacred, royal portrait, ethnic portrait; memorial portrait or child portrait ... Through the centuries the portrait work has always existed for many reasons: political, historical or journalistic. But the portrait as a work of art remains a mirror.

The portrait is a mirror of ourselves, the mirror of the other, the Company or the reflection of his emotions. What alternative for a portrait? Imagine the portrait of the Other raises a thrill ... as the face of an unknown make you think of yours calls you, calls to remember. Why do some portraits leave indifferent? What will make a touching portrait?

During this exhibition as an initiatory journey you will be able to ask this question and ask about the portrait of the artist's approach and the result of his labor.

You can also take an interest in the importance of the material in the work, the selection having done much to the plurality of materials (ceramics, paper, 3D wire mesh, painting, photography, mixed media, clay, cloth ...) .
The portraits of the past have been revisited, you will have the good fortune to interest you in the future portraits as part of a working portrait to order. Ten artists presented a proposal worked on so you can see a child, a mother, a grandfather, a small-son or a close friend through time with a portrait of their present.
This exhibition is a tribute to the picture but much more, the portrait artists, our artists.
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  • 80 rue du Château
    92 100, Boulogne-Billancourt
    06 08 30 94 90

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Sophie Sigorel, Les Indéchiffrables #6, Painting

Sophie Sigorel

Les Indéchiffrables #6, 2014
39.4 x 31.9 inch

Sold out

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