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Galerie Polysémie

Galerie Polysémie

Marseille - France

Evelyne Postic : Latest drawings

Marseille From 24 November to 29 November 2015

Meet us to discuss around a delightful aperitif on Saturday 28th

24th and 28th : Latest works collection book signing session.

Evelyne Postic was born in 1951 in Lyon.

Her first passion, dance, was wiped out by a serious lungs illness at the age of 5. Also, her parents divorced and placed her in various children houses, hence an abandonment feeling.
Stifling life between her grandparents and her mother. Her first evasion moments occur with a sheet of paper and some pencils, on the kitchen table, where she can see the dye house at the opposite sidewalk letting flow its tainted water.
At school she is bored, and her mother is opposed to her going to a fine art school.
Later she settled in Grenoble, where she tried to escape a wearisome daily life by inventing a parallel world and beginning to paint and draw shapes where humankind, animals and plants are entangled.
She concentrates on the living creature’s adaptation to a changing environment, in order to survive.
She is passionate with biology and science and fascinated by the infinite variety of shapes we find in nature.
Like a river that has been held back for too long, she creates by night, without rest.
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  • 6 bis rue des Récollets
    75010, Paris

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Evelyne Postic, Les flots de la bouche, Drawing

Evelyne Postic

Les flots de la bouche, 2014
11.8 x 8.3 inch

Sold out

Evelyne Postic, Cœur de sang, Drawing

Evelyne Postic

Cœur de sang, 2014
11.8 x 8.3 inch

Sold out

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