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Sainte Vertu From 3 October to 10 January 2016

Galeries Joëlle Kem Lika

Galeries Joëlle Kem Lika

Sainte Vertu - France

My guideline is : to paint woman, dynamic, powerful, and yet tender… above all full of life, animated by the joy of life.

Exposed, the woman is One with the strength of the ocean…
What she feels and what her body reflects :
"I am nude and I am One, I am".

How to avoid the usual representation of women, often languid, offered, sometimes inert, more or less alive,
beautiful object or not, deformed, battered, erotized...
The body is represented : composed, models resting, in studied, very thoughtful, orderly positions.

I wanted to translate the vitality, the exuberance by the movement, a surfer at the heart of the action on the lip of the wave, or a surfer in peace, the infinity, the depth of Life, painted in the water, underneath the foam.

A kind of independent, joyful, meditative femininity, and I chose to continue to explore the world of women surfers, the water, the ocean,
the whole symbolizing life, the power of Nature, to my eyes and to my heart.
... at the same time sporting movement but also grace, elegance.

I have painted the bodies : close-up, lively colors for the water, the sea bed, and I have tried to translate the transparency, by stacking transparent layers. The bodies are in ochre colors, earth colors to give the impression that these women are carnal, indeed but also earthly, as at the very beginning… made of clay... of earth.
I also wanted them to stand out from the background, to make them very obvious, so the viewer can feel their strength.

I wanted to stay focused on the meaning I want to give to my paintings,
to testify of our pulse of life,
that of every human being, in the deepest of our being.

My life is like a wave of the ocean, I live it as good as possible,
I live my wave, thoroughly, since thirty years I have always chosen to believe in the possibility of managing my life towards the dimension I want to give it.
My life is this wave, eternal and yet so short a moment, fragile and yet powerful, an inner strength which is ceaselessly renewed, like the drops of a waterfall. The universe is forever changing.

I also wish to remind : that women have been around ever since the beginning too,
to make the ancestral woman into a modern surfer, all the pulse of life concentrated in a relaxed body, mobilized in action,
the gentle yet powerful movement, quiet dynamics overriding anything motionless.

These nudes represent a new language for me, a particular way of expressing the rhythm, the sensation and the beauty : I try to express the soul of this moment, the emotion at the very moment the scene is immobilized. I am not a painter of sportswomen : I use surfing as a metaphor for life.

The first representations of movement in art go back as far as the first paintings of the first cave men : horses, bisons, felines...
Rock paintings show us man in movement : hunting scenes, fights, which we find throughout the history of mankind...
Many masterpieces testify of this wealth, over the centuries,
up to the impressionists who capture the movement of water, the sky, the clouds… natural vibrations.

But the movements of women’s bodies in paintings ?
I can admire among the paintings of Degas, his dancers,
of Manet, of Bonnard : "Marthe à sa toilette", magnificent but not very dynamic.
I love and am touched by the women of Berthe Morizot, full of sensuality, tenderness, light… by Gustave Courbet's "The Spring".

But women alive, free, moving… absorbed by their enjoyment… I have not seen any…

Technique : acrylic on canvas, and also water colours.
Knives, scrapers, paint brushes, spunges, my fingers… etc…
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  • 44, Grande Rue
    89310, Sainte-Vertu
















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