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Ramon Grimalt

Born in: 1937


Ramon Grimalt was born in Rouba born in North Africa (Algeria) in 1937 for a plumber Spanish father and a Jewish mother, a seamstress, Ramon, at fifteen, a worker in a metallurgical plant. The following year he left his family to live in unsanitary cellar, practice dance and attended the opera.

On the occasion of his military service Ramon discovered France in 1957. He settled there in 1957, worked in a factory, houses in hotel room. In 1962 Ramon accidentally discovers painting in the Louvre, where he is fascinated by a painting in particular. "I was bad about myself By visiting the Louvre, I fell off before. - The Child watermelon -.. Murillo I discovered here reflect an image of my own life a shock! the next day I started to paint without knowing anything. "He immediately buys colors, brushes and began to paint.

In 1963 he set up his studio in Bagneux, began painting in 1965 and decided in 1970 to devote himself to painting entièremment. After years of confinement, self-seeking, volley culture and solitary work, the artist, on the death of his mother in 1987, rediscovered his childhood. In 1990, for need to make a clean sweep with the past, he destroyed most of his earlier works and begins to paint rewrite the history of his family and that of his roots they refused until then. Few works that survived the flames, he had to shift his artistic energy.

Jewish humor, brightness of the East, pride and Iberian tragedy inexorably weave the fabric of his writing. The concern, the difficulty of being, we find them in the form of the body to the variable and uncertain anatomy. The ramoniennes figures are polymorphic but this feature is not random. They occupy very different pictorial space without leaving too much freedom. "Private speech, they remain their shape and color. And then they become very talkative" said art critic Philippe Daviaud.
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  • Algerian Artist

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