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Félix Aberasturi

Born in: 1963


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Felix invites us to follow him and his universe. His technique is a clever fusion of digital skill and artistic inspiration from varied topics. He reworks digitally the images he chooses, major surgery for some of his characters, brand new creation for others. He works long hours on the reconstruction process, which shows his creativity in full. In a second stage he can provide his brush strokes through more traditional techniques. All this is done on a carefully selected format: photographic paper, collage on wood or Dibond. Some viewers will concentrate on the aesthetic surface of his work. Some others will let themselves go by the artist, like Alice through the looking glass. «The work of the plastic artist, Felix Aberasturi shakes us because of his power of connection with the collective unconscious. Beyond the immense beauty of topics and colours, each created character, every human figure, seems to be part of our family. Retro and futuristic at the same time, this oneiric architecture leaves a « deja vu » flavour, as when we hear a melody for the first time and we have the impression that someone composed it for us.» Oscar Sisto, actor and director «The series of archetypes comes after a certain path and evolution is clear. My first experience with the work of Aberasturi was with the series consecrated to Jorge Luis Borges, where he was able to recreate and interpret accurately the world of the writer or his writing. In Golem, Borges tells us that a name is the archetype of an object. He says that in the letters of the word rose there is a rose, and all the Nile is in the word Nile. I would say (beyond Cratyle and Plato, who never spoke of archetypes but outlined his concept) that Aberasturi´s archetypes dwell in his work and Aberasturi is in all his archetypes, his reality and his shadow, his own secret, which undoubtedly also leads the spectator to dream.» Eduardo Carballido, curator of the exhibition in the Argentinian Embassy WHO IS FELIX ABERASTURI Born in Mar del Plata, Argentina, Italian from his mother´s side, he does his university studies in Buenos Aires University. At the same time he goes to different workshops and studies several techniques with well-known artists. In 1996 he gets his degree in Architecture, with honors. As an artist he stages many individual and group exhibitions, taking part in some exhibitions of the Argentinian Plastic Artists Association. He has been awarded many times and he has participated in different interdisciplinary teams on artistic projects, such as the Creativity First Salon in Buenos Aires, 1997. He starts living in Paris in 2002, where he relaunches his career as an architect and as a plastic artist. In 2008 he devotes himself entirely to art. At present he exhibits his works in France and in the USA. In 2014 he organized an exhibition and different events on the Borges work in many places, such as The Political Sciences Institute of Paris, one of the most important universities in the world. His works are part of the numerous private collections in different countries.
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Félix Aberasturi, Celui qui maîtrise le silence, Painting

Félix Aberasturi

Celui qui maîtrise le silence, 2016
39.4 x 39.4 x 2 inch


Félix Aberasturi, Paris est une pluie de souvenirs éternels, Painting

Félix Aberasturi

Paris est une pluie de souvenirs éternels, 2016
39.4 x 39.4 x 2 inch


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