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Did Dontzoff

Born in: 1956


Fun, unexpected, original – there are many words that could be used to describe Did Dontzoff’s paintings because this artist's unique style refuses to fit into ordinary categories. However you characterize them, it is certain that Dontzoff has created a singular body of work with a veritable brand appeal to it. The Russian native crafts wild images of otherworldly figures that appear to zigzag and fold into their surroundings, themselves, and each other. The beings alternate between proud, statuesque poses and others that deflate into a thrilling jumble of lines. They often seem to split apart or reach toward one another so that you cannot tell where one figure ends and another begins. Dontzoff employs a robust, graphic style with areas of flat, vivid color to contrast against the busy, hatched line-work. A passionate painter, he channels his intense emotional landscape into painting, so these are not merely people but embodiments of emotion. Throughout struggles and triumphs, with each new piece his art has remained a source of inspiration for Dontzoff. “From darkness to light,” he explains, “once again life is tremendous, this is a new start.”
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  • Argentinean Artist

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Twentytwo Gallery

Deconstruction to Obsession
From October, 6 To October, 31 2014