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Ursula Napangardi Hudson

Born in: 1962


Ursula Napangardi Hudson was born in 1962 in Yuendumu, an Aboriginal community in northern Australia. She went to a local school, then married the Pastor Mika Hudson from Nyirripi.

When she was young, Ursula used to observe her aunt Daisy Napanangka Nelson (a famous painter in the region) paint. "She taught us how to paint. I wanted to paint, teach my children when they grow up. Tell them stories, about « Bush Tucker », when they'll go to hunt".

Ursula painted « Yuparli Jukurrpa » (Bush Banana Dreaming) and « Pikilyi Jukurrpa » (Vaughan Springs Dreaming) of her father, that her aunt taught her and « Ngapa Jukurrpa » (Water Dreaming) of her mother. These dreams are passed on from one generation to the other since thousands of years and are directly linked with the Earth, its peculiarities, plants and animals that live in it. Ursula uses an unlimited palette to develop her modern interpretation on the culture.

Her paintings are unique, along with her bold, abstract and graphic drawing, she uses unique patterns to illustrate her project.

Since 1993, Ursula has been painting for the « Walukurlangu Artists Aboriginal Corporation », an art center owned and directed by the Aboriginal community, located at Yuendumu. The art center often visits Nyirripi to drop canvases, paints and brushes to retrieve the work.
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Ursula Napangardi Hudson, Pikilyi Jukurrpa (Vaughan Springs Dreaming), Painting

Ursula Napangardi Hudson

Pikilyi Jukurrpa (Vaughan Springs Dreaming), 2017
42.1 x 29.9 x 0.4 inch


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