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Alick Tipoti

Born in: 1975



Alick Tipoti is originally from the Torres Strait is guided by the traditional culture of his people. He believes in the Zugubal that his people have been telling him about for years.

He considers it to be his responsibility to put stories, genealogies, chants and other aspects of his culture into images, so that it stays accessible to the future generations; this way they can discover it, understand it and practice it.

Alick Tipoti speaks Kala Lagaw Ya, the language of the Maluilgal people from Zenadh Kes. He sees language as the essential ingredient that brings together all the wultures of the world today.

?Without your language you become a foreigner, lost in another persons culture. One of my favorite English word is analyze. In my language we call it Ses Tham or Thapul. Singing and dancing are forms of art that branch out from the centerpiece called language. Everything you do, traditionally or culturally, evolves from a language. When you know the language, you know your culture.?

He receives the traditional ZUGUB name, which allows him to get in contact with his ancestors, the ZUGUBAL. Thanks to this privileged connection, he can translate the words of his ancestors into his delicate and complex linocuts.

Alick Tipoti?s work is part of in collections such as those of the British Museum in London, the Musée des Confluences de Lyon, the Tjibaou Cultural Center in Nouméa, the Kluge Ruhe Aboriginal Art Collection in the US and in numerous Australian museums.

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Alick Tipoti, Maiwan Arika, Print

Alick Tipoti

Maiwan Arika, 2006
22.4 x 15 inch


Alick Tipoti, Sowlal, Print

Alick Tipoti

Sowlal, 2016
37 x 70.9 inch


Alick Tipoti, Kaiyaral Kula, Print

Alick Tipoti

Kaiyaral Kula, 2007
22.4 x 15 inch


Alick Tipoti, Gapul, Print

Alick Tipoti

Gapul, 2006
22.4 x 15 inch


Alick Tipoti, Ai Pugaik, Print

Alick Tipoti

Ai Pugaik, 2007
30.3 x 22.4 inch

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