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Anthony Lister

Born in: 1979


Anthony Lister is an Australian artist, born in 1979. He travels extensively but mainly lives in Sydney, his favorite exploration ground. He began painting on tarmac at the age of 17, he had the "graffiti virus" as he says. In 2001, Anthony Lister graduated from the Art School in Queensland, Brisbane. After his training, he met Max Gimblett, considered to be one of the most influential calligraphers of New Zealand, and followed him to New York to deploy his talents. His initial work remained attached to the urban decor. A street-artist for sure, Lister mainly did illustration and installations. His pictorial style developed in city streets, but remained refined with a play on shadows and blurry borders, which made him look like a painter. He claimed the Lowbrow movement, made up of codes of the popular culture with re-appropriating objects. Advertising, television, comics or cartoons are depicted in his work and redefined. He draws rough looking super heroes, but Lister's work doesn't leave anything to chance. He makes fun of heroes of modern times, that we are used to seeing on our television screens and draws energy from all the grotesques of the Western culture and then portrays them. He mixes street art, pop art and expressionism, the artist uses encrypted messages and the spectator is free to decipher them. He triggers debate and gives a feeling of a mastered chaos. Antony Lister was nominated as one of the most collected artists by the Australian Art Collector in 2010. The Vogue Magazine in Australia devoted a series of fashion photos by staging models in front of his works. We can see his work on the walls of Milan, Los Angeles, Miami, New York or Sydney and exhibited in Australia, the US and UK.
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Anthony Lister, Untitled, Painting

Anthony Lister

Untitled, 2015
43.3 x 43.3 inch


Anthony Lister, Rubber Glove Dame, Print

Anthony Lister

Rubber Glove Dame, 2014
11.8 x 8.3 x 0.4 inch

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