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Sarrita King

Born in: 1988


Sarrita King is an Australian artist born on March 5, 1988 in Adelaide, South Australia. She is the youngest sister of the artist, Tarisse King and the daugther of the renowned artist William King Jungala. Sarrita has Aboriginal roots from her father who was part of the Gurindji Tribe in the Northern Australian Territory. She proudly claims her origins through her pieces. Sarrita spent most of her youth in Darwin in the Northern Australian Territory, not far from where her ancestors lived. There, she developed a relationship with the aboriginals and the land. She started painting at the age of 16, and draws her inspiration from the environmental factors that surround her, the sand hills, lightning, thunderstorms, torrential rain, fire, the desert and bushes which have shapen the life of her ancestors and her own. Representing these elements in her paintings, Sarrita provides a visual articulation of the language of the earth. From a style point of view, Sarrita uses traditional autodidcatic techniques such as pointillism, and adds as well unorthodox techniques inherited from her father, as well as practices that she has developed herself. Sarrita has exhibited her work in more than 30 exhibitions and has been represented in galleries in every Australian state, including in numerous high level Australian and International art collections.
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