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Eric de Ville

Belgium Born in: 1956
During the first thirty years of his career, Eric de Ville has been a photographer specialized in the automotive, cosmetics, and also jewelry and watches sectors. His respect for the material, his flair for light and compositions grant him an ecellent position in the industry and allow him to have contracts in several luxury brands. But Eric had been experimenting with image editing for a while, in order to give them a purely artisti,c even surreal dimension, going beyond the mere descriptive objectivity of traditional photography.

The discovery and mastery of photo editing enable him to explore without restriction his ideas and to translate his artistic projects into photography.

Eric de Ville's photographic approach is close to that of a painter. Contrary to the practice of a traditional photographer who photographs a subject that he sees, chooses the framing, waits for the perfect lighting or the perfect moment, Eric de Ville thinks at first about the theme or the subject he wants to represent. He takes his subjects from the reality of daily life, from the events that have touched him, from the daily news, history, art or from funny events. Once he chose his theme, he thinks of the way in which he can interpret or stage it. Then, he takes the photographs that he needs to use for the manipulation of the image in Photoshop himself.

Always attentive to details such as the quality of the light, his work is not just a "collage" of various elements, it is a sensitive recomposing that he makes in order to create a "virtual" reality.
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