Olivier Demet (Fantomboy81)

Born in 1981 - Belgium


Active under the pseudonym "Fantomboy81", a self-taught Belgian artist born in 1981 in Liège, Olivier Demet has been painting under various forms (traditional fresco, customization, graffiti).

In his early teens he developed a taste for visual and artistic interventions, especially when he discovered the artist Keith Haring and the emergence of graffiti in his hometown. His first influences were mainly derived from urban art and this aesthetic aspect is still very present in his work. For several years, Olivier has been doing graffiti, painting, photography and digital art, as he has a true desire for visual creations.

A central theme was put into place naturally in his creations, defining his artistic approach and this allowed him to create works which were related to one another through shape and content. Creations of Fantomboy81 are not only instinctive (staging compulsive strokes) and well-thought (composition, colors.…). His paintings have an abstract appearance, graphical elements are repeated, superimposed and intertwined without any limit. The repeated gestures bring along a strong dynamism in his strokes.

This need to repeat the same gestures, demarcate these colorful zones with strokes derived from graffiti. Olivier deliberately wants to preserve these work codes. In his creation process, there isn't any limit, whether it's with his medium (canvas, paper, wall, 3D objects...)Acrylics, ink and spray paint are his favorite "weapons".

Olivier has been participating in several artistic projects and exhibitions since 2008.

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Art Vader @ « Star Wars Exhibition »… (Bruxelles, Belgium / 2008)
Achieving Art Exhibition 2… (Dublin, Irlande / 2008)
Oddinary Box for An Oddinary Exhibition… (Singapour / 2008)
Fre?quence Underground @ La Zone… (Lie?ge, Belgium / 2009)
Brainstorm#10: « 20×20 combo Theran »… (Teheran, IRAN / 2009)
Black And White Photoshow… (Tempe, Arizona – USA / 2009)
The Blue Container Anti-War « The Kamelogana Project »… (Oldenburg, Germany / 2010)
« Exposition Collective des Jeunes Artistes et Artisans » + LIVE PAINTING… (St-Georges, Belgium / 2010)
« Technik’Art » @ Technifutur Lie?ge… (Lie?ge, Belgium / 2011)
« Les jeunes s’exposent » @ Belle-ile… (Lie?ge, Belgium / 2011) (project supported by the Re?gion Wallonne)
Art 4 Peace – Mail Art… (Oldenburg, Germany / 2012)
6x6x2013 @ Rochester Contemporary Art Center’s (RoCo)… (Rochester, NY, USA / 2013 )
« Artwork Exhibition » @ Kopitiam SCBD Jakarta… (Jakarta, Indonesia / 2013)
« Expo 19 Artistes / Puppa Design » – Expo collective dans le cadre des fe?tes de la musique @Auberge G.Simenon… (Lie?ge, Belgium / 2014)
« L’Appartement « chez Sylvie » – 8e?me e?dition » – Expo collective… (Bruxelles, Belgium / 2014)
Expo « Arts Nume?riques » by Paintedcurve.com @beLynx Gallery (Lie?ge, Belgium / 2014)
La Braderie de l’Art de Lie?ge by Etnik’Art @ESA Saint-Luc Lie?ge (Lie?ge, belgium / 2014)
Expo lors de « La Grande De?gustation du 11 novembre » by Plaisir Di’Vin @Ferme Du Cha?teau D’oudoumont (Verlaine, Belgium / 2014)
« Exposition Collective des Jeunes Artistes et Artisans » + LIVE PAINTING… (St-Georges, Belgium / 2014)
«La Nocturne illumine?e» parcours d’artistes – oeuvres expose?es chez Hush’UP (Waremme, Belgium / 2014)
LIVE PAINTING au « Magasin e?phe?me?re de L’ Appartement / Atelier FRA » (Lie?ge, Belgium / 2015)
» L’Appartement « chez The Cube » – 11e?me e?dition » – Expo collective + LIVE PAINTING (Lie?ge, Belgium /2015)
« Art ! Show » e?dition 8 – Expo Collective (Juprelle, Belgium / 2015)
« Mon Voisin Est Un Artiste 2015 » – Expo Collective @Centre Culturel de Che?ne?e (Lie?ge, Belgium / 2015)
« Diversite? de Regards a? travers le Portrait » – Expo Collective @Galerie Artisalie / BeLynx Gallery (Lie?ge,Belgium / 2015)
« L’Appartement a? l’Auberge Simenon » – Expo Collective durant les fe?tes de la musique (Lie?ge, Belgium /2015)
« L’Appartement ame?nage l’Impasse 3 » – Expo Collective/Ame?nagement d’un Airbnb (Lie?ge, Belgium /2015)
« L’Appartement chez la Sainte Nitouche » – Expo collective + fresque @Brasserie de la Croix (Fle?ron,Belgium / 2015)
LIVE PAINTING au « week-end de la mode » @Centre Touristique de la Laine et de la Mode (Verviers,Belgium / 2015)
LIVE PAINTING a? « L’Appartement Spe?cial Coteaux de la Citadelle » (Lie?ge, Belgium / 2015)
« Close Up Exhibition #1 » by Mangoo Pickle – Expo Collective + LIVE PAINTING @Zinnema (Bruxelles –Anderlecht , Belgium / 2015)
« My Toolz Market » Expo collective + LIVE PAINTING @Centre Culturel de Namur (Namur, Belgium / 2015)
« L’Appartement au Pot Au Lait » Expo collective + FRESQUE @Pot Au Lait (Lie?ge, Belgium / 2015)
« Fantomboy81 expose a? La Forge » Expo solo @La Forge Coworking (Lie?ge, Belgium / 2015)
Nao Expo Verviers Janvier 2016

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