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Cheyco Leidmann

Born in: 1700

Bouvet Island

Translation in progress

Cheyco Leidmann is a visual artist, his name is synonymous with the the strength and power of his images, the quality, the strength of his Oeuvre.He stages a grotesque universe, prompting the viewer to enter his erotic and burlesque theater .He creates a universe where unreal dreams, fantasies and reality encounter.His career traverses various genres such as film studies, screenwriting as well as images and film assignments.- He obtained his first success in bookstores in the 80's ."Foxy Lady", his first monograph is reissued five times released in different countries and selected by Vogue as a cult book of the last five decades.Since the 80's Cheyco Leidmann has established a new unique visual style of avant-garde a expressionism 'sharp' inimitable.He possesses a magical art of staging and imposes his look in the monograph 'SILICON '.
He reveals a subtle environment in America by the banality , which in the end turned monstrous. A populated place of buxom women, oversized heels, bodies sealed wearing tight clothing in hyperral colors and provocative poses , beside cars, knotted cords and the faces mutilated beyond recognition, he imagines a bloodless America , surreal, fantastic and sometimes disturbing born out of violence, sex and obsessions. These strange situations, mixing some sensuality with reality and fiction. His artistic vision has influenced the world of photography, he has influenced filmmakers, creative directors, designers, musicians, and a generation of photographers with its hyperrealist colors, their imprudence and provocation. Today he continues to inspire.
He has won several prestigious recognition awards for his images including the New York Creative Directors Club Gold Award.
His images have become a 'trademark' and although his style was straight away copied, reclaimed, admired, criticized has evolved, it remains instantly recognizable among all. Seven monographs followed and have been the objects of exhibitions at galleries and museums.His classic images are in demand by the market of art. Between 2002 and 2004 a self-punishment period occurred, a radical change was inevitable.- 2006 indicated the beginning of a new era with numerous engagements in contemporary art galleries The year 2008 indicated the beginnings its new publication "Toxytt" during his most conceptual period. He has largely abandoned his 'visuality' to experiment with a unconventional language and almost chaotique.Leidmann as a committed person committed attacks at "social demons ,observing reality and rid of its artifices just to reveal that perversion and absurdity ".It shows the world in all its rawness, an unreal world that scares us.Cheyco Leidmann works closely with its creative director Ypsitylla von Nazareth.

Silicon Cheyco Leidmann
Permanent collection
Nicephore Niepce Museum, France May 2014
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  • Norwegian (Bouvet Island) Artist

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Cheyco Leidmann, EP 87, Fort Lauderdale, Photography

Cheyco Leidmann

EP 87, Fort Lauderdale, 1988
15.7 x 19.7 x 0.4 inch


Cheyco Leidmann, EP 96, Miami Beach, Ocean Drive, Photography

Cheyco Leidmann

EP 96, Miami Beach, Ocean Drive, 1988
15.7 x 19.7 x 0.4 inch


Cheyco Leidmann, EP 131, Miami Beach, Arlington, Photography

Cheyco Leidmann

EP 131, Miami Beach, Arlington, 1988
15.7 x 19.7 x 0.4 inch


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