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João Luiz Bulcão

Born in: 1968


João Luiz Bulcão is a 42-year-old Brazilian photographer who began his career as a reporter for the Manchete magazine. He has travelled for three years in Brazil and in other countries of Latin America and focused on various environmental and socio-cultural themes. His discovery of the Amazon influenced him a lot and the work that he produced in connection with the area opened him the doors of Gamma; he became their Brazilian correspondent in 1990. The following year, he founded the Contexto Agency with Carlos Humberto TDC, who was working at the time as a correspondent for the Contact Agency in Brazil.

In 1992, he joined Veja, the largest Brazilian weekly newspaper. But for him, photojournalism meant more than the coverage of political and social subjects or of the lives of celebrities in Rio. In 1993, he decided to work independently, and only on social subjects, which mark for him something of a "return to the sources".

In 1994, he left Brazil for the United States, where he stayed for two and a half years during which he worked as a photographer for the Gamma Liaison agency. He moved to Paris in 1997 and started working for the Gamma Press Agency magazine. He started to work as a freelancer in 2003 and began a collaboration with the Corbis Agency. After many trips to the Amazon, he is currently working on a book project on the region.
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João Luiz Bulcão, Brasil 9, Photography

João Luiz Bulcão

Brasil 9, 2003
15.7 x 23.6 inch


João Luiz Bulcão, Brasil I, Photography

João Luiz Bulcão

Brasil I, 2000
11.8 x 17.7 inch


João Luiz Bulcão, Brasil 2, Photography

João Luiz Bulcão

Brasil 2, 2000
11.8 x 17.7 inch


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Galerie Jean-Denis Walter

From July, 10 To September, 15 2018