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Michel Madore

Born in: 1949


Michel Madore is an artist living his free will of creation purely and devoutly. Born in Montreal, Canada in 1949. Lives in Paris, France, since 1977. In the beginning of 2001, he paid a visit to Xi’an, China’s ancient capital. His trip to the Han Yang Lin Mausoleum provoked the artist’s strong feelings and primitive emotions that passed through time and space. The trip even influenced his latest creations. The creations, wandering between souls of silence and beauty and unrest changes, are characterized by simple, meandering and nearly pure-colored lines and the free, unvarnished style. Michel Madore’s observation on and pursuit for the nature of painting have went far beyond symbols and presentations long ago. Driven by his free will of creation, the artist has been able to reflect his insights on paper while keeping noble enthusiasm and profound simplicity. His west-origin artistic attainments, together with Oriental calligraphy skills, have been inspired by his in-born poetic talent. The natural grace is unfurled in the works through his hands and heart. The well controlled lines and elaborately left white space, created with charcoal pencil and Chinese ink, intertwine, parallel, overlap or cover each other. A perfect combination of Nature and Humanity, the works silently present unworldly life. Michel Madore created dozens of heartquaking huge ink paintings, as weel as five large-size sculptures that are unveiled in China for the first time, specially for his solo exhibition at the OCT Art and Design Gallery in Shenzhen during the 2011 Sino-French Cultural Spring (Festival Croisements). During days when he leisurely prepared the works at his studio in the suburbs of Paris, the artist had meditation on and expectation for people who can be deemed “alive” today. A graceful vitality, cleaned by pure land and souls, penetrates the amazing works in which the artist poured out his heart.
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Michel Madore, Trois marcheurs, Drawing

Michel Madore

Trois marcheurs, 2014
39.4 x 39.4 inch


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