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Maria Alicia Urrea Carvallo

Chile Born in: 1985
Maria Alicia Urrea Carvallo is a Hispanic-Chilean artist born in 1985 in Madrid. She moved to Chile in 1990 and took several painting lessons and developed her taste for arts and culture, she joined the Finis Terrae University in Santiago, Chili and obtained her bachelors in visual arts with a specialization in painting in 2009 and then did a masters in administration and cultural management at the prestigious University of Chili.

Her artistic research evolves around themes pertaining to urban growth, constant movement of the cities and positions man in a modern society, in an environment where he seems to be moving at a frantic pace.

Her geometrical figures take up a whole new shape and follow several perspectives, color holds an important place in her compositions depicting urban architecture, building streets. Through painting, Maria Alicia Urrea Carvallo tries to depict the architectural impact on the evolution of each contemporary city and its inhabitants.

Despite the rigidity of the architectural representation and the mineral aspect of the city, she is able to highlight a certain harmony in her work, while playing around with color and light, expressing a positive vision on the evolution of the human being in the urban environment.

Her work has been exhibited during many occasions, in personal and collective exhibitions.
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Maria Alicia Urrea Carvallo, Ciudad Multicolor, Painting

Maria Alicia Urrea Carvallo

Ciudad Multicolor, 2010
31.5 x 39.4 x 2 inch

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