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Yutao Ge

Born in: 1974


Yutao Ge has been painting since the age of 6 years. Yet no one is an artist in her family. Her parents and brother are specialized in Chinese medicine. She was had the chance to be encouraged and supported by all of her family. They believed in her, and nobody was mistaken. Yutao Ge never works on several themes at once and she always works on a single painting. In 1993 she graduated from the Beihong National Superior School of Art in China and in 1998 she graduated from the Luxun Academy of Fine Arts National. Since 1999, Ge Yutao lives and works in France. She exhibits her paintings in galleries in France, Germany, Luxembourg. She also participates in various art shows in France (Contemporary Art Market Bastille Paris, Contemporary Art Fair Paris Bercy), Switzerland (Basel, Geneva, Montreux), Belgium (Antwerp Kustevent). She has exhibited in galleries in Lille, Lausanne, Luxembourg... She is an internationally renowned artist. "My paintings are inspired by life, but they do not describe the reality of life. By choosing classical painting, I focus on the living character and the different matching levels of my characters... Life is so rich, gorgeous, full of delicacy, mysterious, she motivates and inspires me any time in my creative activity. Classical painting offers many possibilities to the artist to create works. It can be considered as a great tree where each artist interested in one of its branches. In every aspect of spiritual life hiding priceless values ??that deserve to be sought throughout our lives. The painter's life is dedicated to the development of his work. The joy and comfort of this sacrifice reward the work and crying, here is happiness for unpeintre. I often escapes my imagination. In this empty world of reality, I think everything is clear and vague at the same time, everything is in the resemblance between the real world and the imaginary world. This provides even more opportunity for creation and imagination. I love traveling in this mysterious world, search among the real and the unreal. The inspiration I gained so and more sensitive, more real and closer to me. When I finish a painting, I feel that I am not the author, my hand and my body running a mysterious order out of me. I lost control of my conscience and I can not explain this feeling that fascinates me.   Definitely, for me painting is something simple and pure. My greatest pleasure is to express through painting that I carry in my heart." - Ge Yutao
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