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Jan Kaláb

Born in: 1978

Czech Republic


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He who became famous under the nicknames Cakes DSK and One Point often raised admiration in the graf ti world, especially at the beginning of the 2000’s when he painted whole cars in New York at the peak of the anti-graf ti repression. Fully committed to his studio work over the last years, he has turned his plastic re- search toward painting, but also sculpture and installation. Drawing from De Stijl movement and modern art masters like František Kupka, he focuses on motion and abstract notions –mainly circles, but also squares– through the whirl of geometric shapes on canvases and volumes. The installations he made in the framework of public contracts or institutional exhibitions are particularly relevant in that regard. In 2005, he stayed in Brazil for a few months to do a residency after his architec- ture studies. He returned there in 2011 to be part of an important exhibition at the MASP (Museum de Arte de Sao Paulo) and create a monumental in situ installation alongside JR and Invader. In 2012, he was at the initiative of the institutional exhi- bition entitled Stuck on the City gathering about fteen artists such as Swoon, Bo- ris Tellegen, How&Nosm and Smash137, in Prague. Besides, Jan Kaláb has ex- hibited in Czech Republic, Germany, United Kingdom, Italy and United States.

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Jan Kaláb, LB Bubble, Painting

Jan Kaláb

LB Bubble, 2016
125 x 125 x 5 cm

€4 800

Jan Kaláb, Vignon, Painting

Jan Kaláb

Vignon, 2016
60 x 60 x 5 cm

€2 650

Jan Kaláb, Plumet, Painting

Jan Kaláb

Plumet, 2016
94 x 104 x 5 cm

€4 250

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