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Amani Bodo

Born in: 1988

Democratic Republic of Congo

The painter Amani Bodo was born in 1988 in Kinshasa. Son of Pierre Bodo, a well-known Congolese painter, Amani Bodo began creating art from a very early age. A prodigiously young artist, he sold his first work at the age of 16 and contributed his first work of art to the Pigozzi collection at 21. He uses the canvas to lay out his ideas, his convictions and nods to his family along with his dreams, which add surreal snippets. His figurative and symbolic paintings deal with the relationship between Africa and the world, particularly between the South and the North. He calls « the mixture of flecked colours » which makes his work so unique « Mwangisa ». Recently, he has begun to depict traditional Congolese sapeurs (whether as men or as animals), as his father often did.
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Few works remaining by Amani Bodo

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AKAA Fair - African contemporary art & design


AKAA Fair - African contemporary art & design
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