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Päivi Ihamäki

Finland Born in: 1963
‘Painting is like clearing your mind, said Päivi Ihamäki…
On the architect profession her creativity based on millimeters, which she is trying to get rid of her paintings, instead thoughts and round shape daring run free.

Technical education and practising helps her manage space. Palette Knife has bring new scope to her works. Colors and shapes of freedom to the world, then the most important thing is the moment and the mood. She likes the colors, but his work is not a joy of color, rather subdued and thoughtful. If she paint a favorite color, her work would be blue.

Nature is always facinating theme. Water and its different seasons are her endless love. Each work she gives a piece of herself, and part of her memories. Making art is like revealing herself. Often behind paintings are a story or her own experience, which she wants to share.

Päivi admits to being curious and experimental, she tries gladly the same theme in different techniques. “It gives a new dimension to my work, ‘she says. Bronze, she has found a great new challenge. Challenges fascinate her. “The material is in itself a strong, but in thousend degrees so delicate, success is not self-evident,” she says. Numerous steps, diligence, and yet the result can be unpredictable – art.

Also try the graphics, she recognizes that it fascinates, but “whether it is a return to millimeters” … she says.

Because of architect profession, working as a artist is for her to seasonal. Willing be more than time, but architecture is art too. Merits received on behalf of her profession, she acknowledged with a smile, they have taken her career one project to another. An incentive for her to go forward the contacts and inviting exhibition of requests from different galleries.

Päivi Ihamäki currently operates as president of Europe Culture Association in Finland. She says it has received an entirely new friend to the field. Encouragement from friends, she recognizes the importance. We are different, we can see a difference in our environment, we feel and interpret in various ways, still belong together. Art is timeless, art is life.
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Päivi Ihamäki, Freeze III, Painting

Päivi Ihamäki

Freeze III, 2017
60 x 90 x 3 cm

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