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France Born in: 1975 Emergent Artist
In 2001, Thomas Labarthe discovers Jean Dubuffet at the Pompidou Center. This retrospective meant for him "a veritable electroshock ". Three months later, he painted Mala Bestia, his first painting. His then has exhibitions in Paris, Carhaix, Nantes or Tours.

In 2006, he presented Figures libres at the Altercultura Center in Barcelona. At first fleeting, his practice becomes more and more structured. Thomas Labarthe found the right formats, begins to define his volumes, his forms and his colors.

Rich and fertile, the experience of living in Spain links his works to the colors of the south. His work reminds some people of Joan Miró, and others Jean Dubuffet or Jean-Michel Basquiat. Thomas paints from his stomach and from his heart.

Between 2008 and 2009, he has a show in France at the Gallery Id Art (Paris) and travels to New York on to two occasions, for artistic residencies.

Engaged in his artistic trajectory, Thomas Labarthe knows how to engage others in his work too. Today, a video artist, a photographer, a writer, a graphic designer and a set designer collaborate on “Vas-y”, a new multi-facetted project, initiated in 2011 in Marseille.

What is there to come? The artist is still working, but this time, with several hands.
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Our recommendations Toma-L, Exquis Family Red, Painting


Exquis Family Red, 2010
150 x 250 x 3 cm

€ 11,500

Few works remaining by Toma-L

These are the last remaining works by Toma-L.
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Galerie W

From April 10, 2015 To June 15, 2015


Galerie W

From June 16, 2014 To September 1, 2014

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