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France Born in: 1969
French artist, born in 1968, VAM's work focuses on the female identity. Strongly influenced by the works of Louise Bourgeois, Annette Messager or Nan Goldin, as much as by the stories and contradictions of the women around her, she has been exploring for the last ten years the various facets of femininity.

VAM's works are centered on the reality of the female identity and they focus on the distortions between liberation and archaism, the contradictions between the apparent emancipation of women in our societies, and the weight of stereotypes in which they are still trapped.

VAM explores this gap by mixing raw materials, such as metallic sheet and tin with more fragile materials, such as silk thread or photographs on transparent paper.
The principle of sewing / stitching is recurrent through a variety of techniques, hijacking the codes of ornamentation in order to make room to "nicely" subversive connotations. Embroidery, a typically feminine activity, is used in this case in order to denounce a certain confinement, mutilation or injury and to translate the idea of repairing or of resistance.

The semantics focusing on feminine adjectives are an important part of her works: the clichés and gender stereotypes are emphasized, but sensuality and desire are also claimed with clarity.
Using various supports and techniques, VAM deconstructs the myths of "the virgin and the whore" in order to build a universe just as delicate as it is disturbing, and reveal the strange alchemy of a sex that is worshiped and flouted, honored and humiliated at the same time.

If she sometimes borrows elements from the conventional images representing feminine charm which are perpetually imposed to us, she does that in order to play with the meanings, integrating in her practice suggestive forms, cracks, openings or words with ambiguous interpretations.
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