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Naji Ahmed Saeid

Born in: 1973


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The question of being an artist questions Ahmed Saied since his childhood. Ahmed practice, therefore and tries to lead a normal life, engineer then interior architect, it begins to expose then it gradually becomes aware that the demon of the art has leaned on its cradle. In 2001, the contact with the material of the bronze marks a decisive turning point in his career and the states of creation multiply and become more and more intense Voyageur in the soul, it travels throughout the world as in itself, L Exile, Ahmed Saeid makes it more than a way of life, a way of being. It carries as a sidelong glance at the world around him, which inevitably makes him see the deeply relative side. He settled in France, in Paris for the unexpected similarities with Baghdad, the shape of the districts, the markets? Fallen in love with France, the capital regains its role as the home port of artists Ahmed Saeid, after solid studies in Baghdad, is forced into exile. He finally settled in Clichy-la-Garenne where he resided for several years. He recently worked with JAF for an exhibition at the Pavillon Vendôme which celebrated freedom of expression: "Naji and Jaf tangle the pencils". Its theme of choice: the framework. "While we see so many people searching for the conditions of their own confinement at a time that tends to blow up all cadres, Ahmed Saeid (Naji) offers us a malicious art that encourages us to live more poetically by looking for ourselves Out of our frame. " (Pierre-Yves Mansat)
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  • French Artist

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